Aug. 29, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This site is dedicated to teaching techniques that help us heal our selves so that we can help heal our world.

This weekend, I took an online seminar about healing.

Did you know that PTSD can happen to anyone experiencing any type of disaster or stressful situations including people who divorce, or have surgery, or have job loss, or have some type of financial upset, or have bullying, or like the people experiencing Hurricane Harvey?

This web site seems to have good information concerning PTSD:  

Most people who lived during the time of the Holocaust suffer from PTSD.

Before this weekend, I’ve met two Holocaust survivors. I have no doubt that this happened, that it was horrifying, and that people still suffer from this event.

When the media showed the white supremists marching and chanting in  Charlottesville, VA, US, summer 2017, I felt fear. I thought about what it must have been like for people living in pre WWII Europe. Of course, the fear is exactly what the people who did the chanting wanted to happen.

Seminar Attendee
Attending the seminar was a person born the same year as I to parents who sheltered Jews in the Netherlands during WWII. Her mother lived in terror. Even after the war, the mother was so terrified that she refused to leave her home, so the child grew up without the support of a loving mother and without feeling safe and rooted.

The seminar attendee grew up in fear and was suffering from terrified inner child and PTSD.

I saw the terror in and on this person. I saw some of it dissolve.

What To Do
Review your life for stressful events. Are you divorced or divorcing? Have you lived through some natural or man-made disaster? Have you had economic or relationship or family struggles? Have you experienced homelessness or car-lessness or job loss or the loss of a person or pet?

Did you go to a 12 Step program or supportive group or get therapy/counseling help? Please consider doing so. Remember that it takes a team to get through this life.

Allow yourself to grieve. Especially if you are American, you probably didn’t take time to grieve about the event. Do so now.

Allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to feel anger, frustration, disappointment, etc.

Write down what comes up for you, and then, in a safe place and time–don’t start a forest fire!–, burn the writing; release it; let it go.  Sometimes, I have to write about an event several times before I feel release.

Forgive yourself. Forgive others.  You can’t heal without forgiving. Yes, even white supremists.

Give thanks for your survival and your healing.

An Additional Step
Allow others to cry. Allow others to express their fear, anger, etc in safe, non violent ways.

Be extra kind to everyone you meet. We simply don’t know what they’ve been through or are going through.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara
On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia



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