Law of Expectations

July 15, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Having a problem that keeps showing up?

Put the Law of Expectations to use.

The Law of Expectation states that what you expect to happen … Will

It doesn’t matter if we expect a negative thing or a positive thing, whatever we expect will come to be.

I encourage each of you to examine your expectations about any situation that is troubling you, to make negative expectations into positive ones, put all of this in writing and repeat these now positive expectations out loud. Often.

For example:

I expect to benefit from all situations in my life.

I expect this situation to be handled in a fair, ethical, moral and legal manner.

I expect this situation is resolved right here and now.

I expect this situation to be resolved so that the highest good of all is satisfied.

And so it is.



On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia




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