2019 Wealth Instructions to My Mind

Jan. 8, 2019
Hi Everyone,
I continue giving my mind instructions for 2019.

I instruct my mind to:

1. reveal to me the unique value—which of my gifts, talents, skills—that I am to offer to the world that will do good and increase my wealth. My mind identifies my gifts, talents and skills. My mind identifies the primary ones.  My mind tells me how to make the primaries into an offering of enormous value that the world gladly pays to receive.

I instruct my mind to:

2. reveal exactly what I am to do with my offering so that my wealth increases. My mind knows how to make my offering bring me wealth.

I instruct my mind to:

3. have the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors and actions that cause me to create, increase and share my wealth. My mind knows that I am worthy and deserving of wealth. My mind often reminds me that this is so.

I instruct my mind to:

4. always have my heart open to give the offering of my gift, talent and skill; and, my hands open to receive wealth in exchange for my offering. This is the Law of Giving and Receiving.


1. We humans are in charge of our mind and not our mind in charge of us.

2. The mind’s job is to cause us to survive. In today’s world, we survive by acknowledging that we are worthy and deserving of wealth; that we have many talents, gifts and skills but one of these is our primary; it is the one that has great value and is to be made into an offering; and, we are to both give and receive.

3. The mind learns by repetition. It is necessary to repeat these commands about wealth often, maybe as many as forty times forty. We do this not because we have a learning disability or are slow to learn but because this is how the mind works: it learns by repetition.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara

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