The Gift

Jan. 27, 2019

Hi Everyone,

At out creation, each of us was given a fabulous, priceless gift, the gift of our mind/brain.

The mind/brain is our personal computer. It has been, is and will be with us always.

It’s job is to cause us to survive and to give us whatever we ask.

It is our job to tell it what we want clearly, specifically, with as many details as possible.

It is our job to listen hard, listen deep and be aware of what our mind/brain is saying.

For most of us, those who have been taught the opposite of this, these words are difficult to accept.

Sit with these words and their meaning for awhile.  They have the potential to improve the way you live, think and act.


Teacher Barbara

When my words serve you in some way, please consider making a love offering at:



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