Your words are interpreted

March 15, 2019

Hi Everyone,

The question is “Why does a certain group in the United States feel ignored?”

The answer is “Mind, our personal mind and the Great Mind, gives us what it thinks we want.”  It listens to what we say and think; it sees what we see; it determines what we want from these actions.

Most of the people who say they are ignored are the ones who say and think “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps”, mind heard “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps means my human wants to achieve on their own, without assistance.”

Mind then proceeded to make certain you got what you wanted: making it on your own. No government assistance. No family help. No friend help. No corporate help.

Yes. You feel ignored because you are ignored. After all, you said and thought that everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps. Mind gave you what it believed you wanted.

So. Why are you complaining? Why are you saying no one helps you? Why are you feeling ignored by politicians?

Didn’t you say “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps?”

Oh. I get it. By everyone, you meant those people, those people over there.

Not you. You, of course, wanted help; everyone else should pull themselves up; get what they want without help.

All of us know that no one makes it on their own. All of us need, want and, if we are smart, accept and give help.

Instead of saying and thinking “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps” say:

“Everyone has boots and straps that are strong, flexible and able to bear weight. Everyone has the exact pair of boots and straps required for rising up and expanding in the directions of their choice.

Everyone, including me, gets support, encouragement and help. Everyone, including me, is supportive, encouraging and helpful.

I don’t make it on my own. I make it with help from all people everywhere. I give help to all people everywhere.

Mind, I open to receive help; I open to give help. I receive help for all my projects. I receive help from politicians, the government, corporations, friends and family.

I rejoice when I receive help. I rejoice when others receive help.

And so it is.



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