Abusive students/clients/customers/employers/friends/family

April 6, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know that I teach young children via the Net as well as older folks. I teach children English.

I have several students who are abusive and mean.

Yes. You read right. These children are abusive and mean to me, their teacher. I suspect they, also, are bully’s to other adults and children.

It is time we take a good look and admit that not all children are sweet, loving persons.

Yesterday, I reached my breaking point with children who are uncooperative, who deliberately make with their mouth or hands or objects loud noises or who fiddle with their video feed so that I think something is wrong with the Net or my system.

Like many of you, I know that going to a boss or manager or employer or principal or parent for help is a waste of time.


When I worked in American public schools and asked for help with students who were destroying the classroom or who were bully’s, I was always told that it was the teacher’s fault or the teacher’s problem.

Stop Abuse

It is time that the workers and doers of this world stopped putting up with abuse. No matter the form of the abuse.

Low pay is abuse. Long hours are abuse. Being expected to work without being paid is abuse.

Putting up with mean-spirited clients/customers/students/employers/co-workers is abuse.

So. What to do?


I remembered that it doesn’t matter what I feel or believe or think. What matters is what I say to my mind. What matters is the words I speak and think that my mind hears and reads.

I went to my mind. This is what I said:

“Hello my mind, the mind that belongs to me, the mind that was given to me to use to bring about my good,

Mind, I thank you.

Wow! All of my students joyously and eagerly come to my classroom. They are happy to receive a lesson from me.

They are relaxed and at ease because they trust me to teach them in a kind, loving, productive way.

They cooperate with me. They do what I say when I tell them to do something. They willingly participate in the activities of the lesson.

They know that I am an amazing, awesome teacher. They know they are privileged to be in my classroom and to be one of my students.

They love, love, love me and I love, love, love them.

They quickly learn the lesson. They have fun. They enjoy the activities.

They willingly pay me. They pay me an amount that makes me very happy and makes me feel very wealthy.

Thank you, my mind. Thank you for making this a reality in my experience.

I love you, mind. I love my students. I love me. I love what I do and who I am. I love, love, love me enough to refuse to experience abuse of any kind.

And so it is.”

If you deal with the public as a worker/doer such as a hairdresser or waitress or mechanic or sales person or counselor or minister or boss or manager or worker/doer in any industry, I invite you to take what I said to my mind, make changes like changing the word student to client or customer and say these words to your mind.

It is time we stopped thinking we have to take abuse.

It is time we told our mind who and what our ideal student/client/customer/employer is.

The words about our ideal student/client/customer/employer/co-worker/family member/friend must be said many times each day.

Consult the Time Table for the Mind. Results begin to show up in 21 days or less. Permanent, long-lasting results show up in 40 days.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara


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