Foot Pain

June 21, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have had foot problems for years now. Today, I finally heard myself: “I just can’t stand this.”

Of course, my mind heard me. God only knows how many times I’ve said this: quietly, out loud, in anger, in frustration.

So. My mind hears every word I say and every word I think and every word I hear.

How many times have I heard someone else say, “I just can’t stand this.” God only knows.

So. My mind gives me what it thinks I want. Listening to me, the mind thinks I don’t want to stand so the mind gives me foot problems.

Now that I know that I am powerful because I can change the present and the future by changing my words, I decide to change my words.

So. Now I say, “I can cope with anything. I am an excellent coper. I know how to relax and destress. I can handle anything. My body creates wellness, strength and beauty. I have excellent coping skills. I have excellent wellness, strength and beauty in every area of my body and my life.”

So. Listen to what you say to and about you. This is hard. We are so used to saying and hearing what we say and what we hear.

Before going to sleep, ask, “Mind, reveal to me what I’m doing to bring about this unwanted condition.”



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