Circles, Curves, and Turns


Class Description

Come to class!  Bring some plain white paper like copy or printer or school paper, a couple of pencils and a couple of black markers.

Have a seat. Take a few deep breaths, do some shoulder rolls, stretch, massage and loosen your arms, hands and fingers.

We are going to explore the fabulous universal symbol of totality, wholeness and perfection: the curved line, usually called a circle, sometimes called turns.

Follow Teacher Barb’s directions and at the end of the class you will have completed one black and white drawing, gained an appreciation of what a pencil can do, and increased your understanding of shade and shadows.

In keeping with Teacher Barb’s mission of everyone knowing lots of English words, learners are encouraged to add or become comfortable speaking the words “circle, curved, line/lines, turn/turns, black, white, shadow, shade”. 

Students are encouraged to chat with Teacher Barb and each other about the drawing they are making. They are encouraged to speak in complete sentences. 

Why take this class

A highly developed skill of seeing is needed by all of us no matter our interests or careers. One of the best ways to expand and sharpen our seeing skills is to draw.

In some cultures, people learn to draw from the very beginning of their schooling. As a result, learners become excellent drawers no matter their talents, abilities, or skills. They overlook or miss very little.

Enroll by:

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  1. Email Dr. Barb at: (b s lucas @ bellsouth  , net)


Each class is 25 minutes long. The cost is $10.00 US payable via PayPal.