All of my classes are one-on-one and online. Each class is 25 minutes long. My classes are individualized to meet the needs of each student.

I teach classes that help those taking the IELTS (international English language teaching system) practice and prepare strategies for maximizing their IELTS scores.

My classes are safe, low-stressed places to practice speaking and thinking in English.

My classes teach the vocabulary needed to converse/talk about a special topic as well as everyday issues.

Having a large vocabulary, having the skill of thinking in English and having speaking skills such as story telling are helpful in doing well on the IELTS.

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Spread Light IELTS Speech Part 2 class

In this class, we tell stories!

We create a story to answer the question the IELTS examiner asks


We practice making memorable, interesting stories

We use PAT, the 5 W’s and the Three Parts of Story to do this

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Spread Light IELTS Speech Part 3 class

In this class, we continue telling stories, but this time, we tell stories about the future

Our story must include reasons, examples, and opinions




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See you in my classroom!

Teacher Barb

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