All of my classes are one-on-one and online. Each class is 25 minutes long. My classes are individualized to meet the needs of each student.

I teach classes that help English-language learners gain confidence and competence in speaking modern, practical, everyday English. These classes also help native English-language learners maintain and expand their English-language skills

My classes are safe, low-stressed places to practice speaking and thinking in English.

My classes teach the vocabulary needed to converse/talk about a special topic as well as everyday issues.

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Spread Light Conversations class

In this class, we talk!  This is the perfect class for those who want to maintain and expand their English-speaking skills.  It is also excellent preparation for taking the IELTS or TOELF tests.






Spread Light IELTS Speaking Test Prep

In this class, we will practice part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the speaking section of the IELTS test. Of course, these are not the questions used on the actual test, but they are very similar.





To See you in my classroom!

Teacher Barb

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