Indoor Grow Lights


Feb. 2, 2021                    My Garden Area                         74

I purchased the Jump Start T5 Light Strip from Amazon. I came today just like Amazon said it would.  The delivery person even rang the doorbell letting me know that the package was waiting on my front porch.

Before you set-up this system, I recommend watching You Tube 1000 Bulbs  It wasn’t difficult to set-up, but this video helped and gave me confidence for putting it together.

The purpose of my garden is to provide enough food for me, one person. So, I only needed one strip.

I got this indoor grow light system because I wanted to start some varieties of eggplant, squash, tomatoes and chard that aren’t available in stores.

Also, depending on the cost of electricity, I would like to grow some lettuce. It’s too hot for outdoor growth of lettuces in my area but might grow indoors in air conditioning if the light is right.

I placed my system in a well-lite window. It might help if the seeds have both natural and artificial light.