Make Room for Good

For years, I was disappointed with the results achieved from my affirmative prayer work. It didn’t matter if the work was done for myself or for others, the results were less than stellar.

Being a problem solver, I searched for a way to change these results. After all, the Master Teacher and Healer said to ask and we would receive.

Neither my clients nor I appeared to be receiving; asking, yes; receiving, no.

We did receive an increase in understanding and small changes in the circumstance or situation we wanted changed, but not the massive change we were seeking.

So, I researched and I studied and I practiced.

  • I discovered that not I nor anyone else can heal you. You, working with Spirit and your higher self, can heal you. I, working with my higher self and with Spirit, can heal me.
  • I discovered that there are no magic formulas or magic wands or magic words or magic hand motions. There is only knowing what to do, and then actually taking action.
  • I discovered that massive change requires massive action.
  • I discovered that I and others such as medical doctors, alternative healers, energy healers, etc. can help you work with Source and your higher self so that you can heal you and maintain your healing, but you have to do the actual work. No one can do that for you.
  • I discovered that there are massive actions to take. I and others can teach these actions; we can support you, encourage you and empower you, but we cannot do the work for you.

However, none of the above is helpful unless you remove the blocks preventing you from receiving your good.

Blocks, Barriers, Clutter

These blocks were created at various times in your experience: conception or birth or childhood or teen years or early adulthood or they came from your family or your culture or your religion or they came from your ancestors or some event in some past life.

It doesn’t matter from whence they came. The exact event or circumstance or situation doesn’t have to be known. In fact, it’s better to not know. Knowing the details might strengthen their impact on you.

Our blocks come from us and our refusal to face the bad things that have happened to us. We bury painful events—harsh words, rejections, betrayals—deep inside of us.

These  become clutter, a clutter of false beliefs, incorrect thinking and hurting feelings. This clutter grows and grows, shows up as habits and practices and then becomes the gigantic boulders that prevent us from taking in our good.

Our good is there, waiting for us to take it in; this clutter, the stuff we hide and refuse to deal with, stops us from taking in the good freely given us.

This hidden stuff causes all kinds of problems with health, finances, relationships, and success with career/work and hobbies.

Don’t Confront

There are ways to delete this stuff we hide from, the cause of the problem, without remembering it or having a direct confrontation with it.

Confrontation seldom makes things better. It often intensifies challenges so much that they become impossible to unravel and deal with.

Make Room for Good is the method I teach that deletes the hidden and the problem causes. It is a sane, healthy, simple way to dissolve the clutter that entangles us thus stopping us from receiving our good.

The Nut Shell

The problem is always us and what we have hidden from ourselves. We hide what is too painful to face as well as what we don’t know how to handle.

Make Room for Good removes the difficulty without us doing anything fancy or costly. It is simple, but does require you to do some work. It is low-cost. I’m going to tell you what to do right now.

Make Room for Good Steps

Caution: before doing these steps, please read and apply my book
Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything

Then do the following:

Step 1. Intention

Make an intention that you are going to permanently delete the cause of your unwanted situation or circumstance

“I intend to delete from my life  __________________________________. I intend to delete the root causes of ____________________________going back to the very first time these causes entered my system. I intend to delete these root causes across all time, space, dimensions and realities.”

For example:

“I intend to delete asthma and all its accompanying ailments from my life. I intend to delete the root causes of all of this from my life going back to the very first time these causes entered my system. I intend to delete these root causes across all time, space, dimensions and realities.”

Step 2. Identify the problem and its solution

Be very clear about the unwanted condition or happening and its replacement; Part Eleven of Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything helps with this step; also read and do pages 70-71 and pages 119-127.

Step 3. Connect and Expand

Say an affirmative prayer that states your acceptance of an Intelligence greater than you or the problem and that you are connected to this Intelligence and to all life.

Use this one:

“God, the Master of the Universe, the Power for all Good, (or whatever your name for Spirit/Source/God)

You know the event or events that happened that now prevent me from receiving all the good that exists for me. I may have forgotten, but you know.

 I don’t have to remember. In fact, if I have forgotten, that is a blessing, a blessing I choose to keep.

 Instead of the event being removed, I ask that the negative-to-me consequences of the event be removed.

 Whatever the abuse or the trauma was, I ask that the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions that resulted from it, that have formed this clutter in my energy system that now blocks me from taking in my good, be removed.

 I ask that you go to the root cause of this block and purge it from my system for now and always across all time, space, dimensions and realities.

 I ask that this be done right here and right now.

 I ask that all resistance, all doubt, all contrariness, all disbelief, all inaction that prevents me having a life filled with all good be removed.

 I ask that any desire I have to please my family or to follow in the steps of my ancestors or to follow the dictates of some authority that is forming or is part of the clutter preventing me from receiving my good be eliminated from my energy field.

I ask that all the hidden thoughts, beliefs and feelings that I have that prevent me from receiving success, from receiving money or from receiving any good be purged.

 I ask that all the judgements I have about success and money that prevent me experiencing success and abundance be removed.

 I ask that everything known and unknown, named and unnamed that is stopping me from opening to and receiving my good be deleted.

 I forgive myself for anything I may have done that invited this abuse or this trauma into my energy field. I forgive myself for allowing these events to block me from receiving my good.

 I forgive all others who participated in the abuse or trauma. I release them and their actions from my energy field across all time, space and realities. I uninvite them from my experience of life.

 I ask that the vacuum created by this purge of everything blocking me from receiving my good be filled with the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions that bring about all good.

 I know that this happens whether I believe it or not, whether I have faith or not, whether I trust you and this process or not.

 This work is done. I am free to welcome all the good I am willing to have.

 And so it is.

Step 4. Forgiveness

Yes. I know. Forgiveness is a part of Step 3. Forgive again. Please.
Say and mean:

“I forgive everyone everywhere across all time, space, dimensions and realities who harmed me, who plotted to harm me and who wants to harm me. I forgive myself for whatever I said or did to cause these people to have this desire. I forgive myself for causing harm to or for wanting to harm anyone at any time in any place.
And so it is.”

Step 5. Success Beliefs

Either copy from my book Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything or make up your own (the best choice) or get help with creating ten success beliefs for your intention.

Include these as part of the ten:

1.I believe my intention exists in the Universe.

2.  I believe I can have my intention.

3. I believe I have permission from Spirit, from the designers of my Sacred Contract, from my ancestors and from all needed parties to bring forth this intention.

4. I believe I know the first, the second and the next action step I must do to                bring forth my intention.

5. I believe every step I must take is revealed to me at the proper time to fulfill my intention.

6.I believe Spirit and all the Hosts of Heaven empower me to bring forth my                  intention.

7. I believe I have everything–talents, skills, experience, time, energy, support, materials, supplies, tools–required to bring forth my intention.

Step 6 Response from Spirit

Listen for messages that tell you what to do; follow those directives; take massive action. Remember: Spirit may have a different solution than the one you named; be open to that possibility.

Step 7. Gratitude

Seal the deal. Give thanks several times a day for the bringing forth of your intention. Especially give thanks before it appears.

Step 8. Repetition

Repeat steps 1-5 daily until the results you desire appear. As progress is made, make changes.

If after two weeks of faithfully doing the above and taking the actions you are directed to take, you aren’t getting results or you aren’t satisfied with what’s happening, then make an appointment to speak with me.

I provide a more thorough, intensive way to remove unwanted, hidden clutter, stuff and blocks.

Contact Me

Use the button below to pay the cost of this service: $65 (sixty-five dollars US).

Send an email to (barbara lucas teaches @ gmail  . com) stating that you have done this.

When I receive your payment, I will send an email with days and times to set up a face-to-face meeting via Zoom.

At the Zoom meeting, we will take action and dissolve the cause of the problem that is troubling you. Please reserve two hours for our meeting.


Remember: until you fix and heal yourself, situations and circumstances won’t permanently change.

Remember: I cannot heal you; only you can heal you working with your higher self and with Spirit.

Remember: all humans were given the ability to heal themselves; we seldom use this ability; most of us have forgotten how.

Remember: sometimes, help is needed.

Next Step

Use the button below to begin the process of working directly with me.

The fee for each  consultation  is $65.00 US. A consultation is defined as our Zoom meeting and one follow-up email. There are no refunds. Everything is customized to fit your situation. Plus, you either do the work and get results or you don’t do the work and get no results.

Thank you for allowing me to help you learn what to do so that you can fix and heal you.

Please order your session here.

Once I receive your order, I will contact you via email.

We will have our consultation via Zoom.

Please reserve two hours when we will be uninterrupted. We probably won’t need the entire two hours, but it’s nice to not feel rushed or hurried.



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