Change the part

March 23, 2018

Hi Everyone,
The mind has rules.  One of those rules is:
“We play the only part we’ve ever known until that part becomes our own.”

We might only know the part of victim or poverty-stricken or slow learner or party-goer or wise one or parent or disorganized or trustworthy or always on time or unemployed or winner or queen or king or etc.


If we are playing a part that we don’t like or always results in trouble, we can decide to play a different part.

Do it this way:

  1. Choose the new part
  2. Say: I have chosen to _________________________.
  3. Say: I have chosen to feel great about this.

For example:

  1. I have chosen to work full-time. I feel great about this.
  2. I have chosen to eat healthy food. I feel great about this.
  3. I have chosen to always be on time. I feel great about this.

When we say these sentences, we are giving ourselves a better than usual emotion–feel great. We are telling our mind what we want.

We are not explaining or using logic. We are using the creative force of emotion and the creative force of clarity.

This works. Try it. Tell me what happens, please.
And so it is.
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Success Beliefs

March 15, 2018
Hi Everyone,
I am doing the final edit on my next book Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything. 

I believe this is the best book I’ve written so far. The truly best is yet to come.

Success Beliefs are the ones that have to be in place before we can get our desired results.

Most of the time, we decide on a result, then we take action to get that result. What we should do is decide on a result, then determine the beliefs that will bring that result into being.

Hopefully, this book will be available for all of you in about a month or so.

And so it is.





Jan. 16, 2018

Hi Everyone,

This week, in my blog for Ask the Angels , ] I explain that our talents, gifts and skills are our currency.  The products and services we produce by using our talents is what we exchange for what we need, want and desire. What we produce is our currency.

Unfortunately, we often have problems in both the area of talent and the area of money because we have put up blocks and barriers to giving and receiving.

The simplest way to remove a block or barrier is to return to the very first time it entered our beingness and remove it. We Make Room for Our Good.

Make Room for Good

Repeat daily (out loud if possible):

“I go to the first time I refused to identify my talents, gifts and abilities; I refused to admit that I was just as talented as high-dollar celebrities; I go to the first time I had the thought that I wasn’t enough, that I didn’t know enough, that I was less-than someone else; that I felt that my family or my community or my ancestors were less-than’s; I go to the first time I refused to believe that I am talented, gifted and skilled, that I am worthy and deserving, that I matter; I go to the first time I took in someone putting me down, condemning me, mocking me, judging me, and I believed them instead of my inner knowing of being from and of the Creator;

And I gently remove, eliminate, and purge this thinking, believing and feeling; I make certain I get every bit of this falseness; I thank this falseness for serving me in whatever way it did and send it back to its place of origin to be transformed into love.

I have created a vacuum. I immediately fill it with the absolute knowing, believing, speaking and feeling that I have wonderful, marvelous talents, gifts and skills; that these are needed and bring top dollar in the market place when I go to exchange them for what I need, want and desire; that I matter and what I do and produce matters; that my family, community and ancestors are honorable, giving people; that I am worthy and deserving.”

I give thanks for the ability to let go of what no longer serves me and the ability to add new thinking, feeling, believing and speaking that does serve me.

I give thanks for me and my many blessings.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara 


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Release for Monday, Jan. 8

Jan. 8, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Make Room for Good!

Today, I eliminate, I let go, I delete,  and purge everything—every thought, belief, feeling and action—that prevents me from having a break though to having more than enough income; more then enough health, vitality, vim and vigor; more than enough harmony, ease, balance and peace on this day and all the days to come.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Heal between Dec. 12-Jan. 12

Hi Everyone,

This is the holiest time on our planet, this period between Dec. 12 and Jan. 12. I wish you good use of this time. I wish you a major healing.

This is when we shift from darkness to light. We get ready for the great light of spring, summer and fall and we get ready to receive the great light of Spirit.

Please follow these instructions for your healing:

  1. Use this time to connect more strongly to angels and other guides.

Make this your intentions: “I intend to connect to my guides and my angels in a more strong, firm, real way.”

Say to your guides and your angels: “I want a more clear, firm, secure connection to you. I want your guidance, your help. I want the information you know about me, about my life, about the questions I have; even questions like where to live, who to marry, what career to have. I want your guidance, your support, your help.”

Repeat this before sleep each night, especially tonight. Be certain to say thank you, to express gratitude.

         2.  Also ask: “What is my highest gift? How am I meant to manifest my highest gift? Allow me to have this knowledge tonight, right now. Let this be answered in my dreams this night. Allow me to remember and understand this dream. Allow me, guide me, support me in being the amazing person I was sent here to be.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara


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Anatomy–a tool for healing

Anatomy–a tool for healing

Sept. 25, 2017

Hi Everybody,

This website is dedicated to explaining techniques for the healing of the self.

However, know that once something has entered your energy field, it takes a team to remove it. That team could consist of Western, Eastern, Alternative, and Ancient medical professionals. The team definitely includes you and Spirit.

Once of the biggest helps you can give yourself is to learn anatomy. Oh, not to the exactness that a medical professional does, but to the degree that you understand the systems of the body and how they interact.

It is amazing how something minor causes something major.

For example, as you all know I’m in the process of deleting asthma and its accompanying partners in disease from my life.

When I started this journey, I had no idea that acid reflux and asthma were intimately connected to the point that some health professionals think that acid reflux is the cause of asthma.

I’m not here to decide that truth; medical scientists are more able and better equipped to find the truth of that matter than I.

However, as I explored these connections I saw how these two are creating a problem with my ears, not my hearing but my ears. So, I’m hard at work understanding and eliminating the causes of acid reflux.

Sorry, but the little purple pill is not a cure; it may help relieve some of the discomfort so that I can more fully concentrate on curing and healing this condition but that’s all it will do. And, as many of us fear, it might possibly do damage or cause another type of problem.

So, take a look at the physical problem that’s showing up in your life and the body structures it uses. Are there any overlays?

Do not expect your doctor to explain any of this to you. Remember that your office visit is timed. Doctor’s no longer are given the time to explain things to you. You really are expected to figure things out for yourself.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara


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