Stop hating yourself

Aug. 28, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This blog is dedicated to explaining techniques that we can do to heal our self.

One of those techniques helps us to stop hating our self. Many people weren’t aware of hating themselves until they did this activity. Yes, this is ‘dig deep’ activity.

Step 1
Once a week, list one thing that you dislike or hate about you. Notice: this is what you dislike or hate, and, not what your mom, or best friend, or boss might dislike or hate about you.

For example, you might hate yourself for having a car accident the years ago; or, you might hate yourself because you never know how to respond to someone who asks for help; or, you might hate yourself because you can’t stand a certain person.

Why do this
When I do this, all kinds of things come up. This is good. These buried memories that bring up hate, anger, fear or confusion can make us physically or emotionally ill.

Step 2
Forgive yourself for the incident and for hating yourself for having this response.

Step 3
Change your belief about the incident to love for yourself.

For example,
You could love yourself for being wise enough to know which people to welcome into your life and which to send on their way; you could love yourself for stating your truth; you could love yourself for having an auto accident and then improving your driving skills.

It will take time, but eventually you will get rid of any negative feelings you have about you; you will gain energy and health; and, most important of all, you will love, appreciate and value who you are.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara


On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia




Charlottesville and Self-Responsibility

Aug. 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This is the Opening Prayer I gave Sunday at church. I hope it gives another viewpoint to consider in regards to what happened in Charlottesville, VA US  this past week.

This was, also, published on my Ask the Angels Coaching site.

Hi Everyone,

It’s a gorgeous day and both the end and the beginning of an interesting week. This past week affirmed for me that the self-healing work I’ve been doing is very much needed.

Most of you know that I have the intention of deleting asthma from my life. You may or may not know that the medical profession says this condition is incurable so I’ve had to depend totally on Spirit for guidance on what to do and what not to do.

I was led to Deborah King, a spiritual teacher and energy healer.

One of her assignments is to consider a daily question and journal about it. So every day I copy the daily question and I journal.

In the beginning, as I was copying the question, I would think, “this has nothing to do with me. I’m not like this. I’ve not experienced this or that”; and then, as soon as my pen hit the line where I put down my thoughts and feelings, all this “hate, frustration, depression, confusion, all this blame game, it isn’t my fault, I’m oh so innocent” comes pouring out.

So, when Charlottesville happened, Spirit very quickly reminded me of the Law of Reflection which states that what I see out there is what’s going on in here and if I want to change what’s going on out there, I have to change what’s going on in here first.

When I started to protest and say I wasn’t one of them, Spirit quickly showed me all the journaling I’ve been doing.

I recalled my mother teaching me that “point a finger at someone else, see three pointing back at me” which was her way of teaching the Jesus teaching that says “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone” and her way of teaching “to remove the telephone pole from my own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from my brothers”.

 Wow. What a call to action.

I thought of my Czechoslovakian grandmother and German grandfather and knew that I had to stop blaming the elite, the communists, the capitalists and everyone else for what happened to them in their old countries, and on the way to the US and in the US.

I thought of my Appalachian ancestors and realized that I had to stop blaming the elite, the mine owners, the capitalists and everyone else for what happened to them.

I thought of what it took to pass the amendments that give everyone the right to vote and the fight that ended in defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70’s and early 80’s.

I have to let go of my despair, my judgments, my hate, my absolute hatred of silk stocking row. 

This is a work in progress. No not easy, but absolutely essential.

It is time to do what the Founding Fathers of the US—Franklin, Jefferson, Washington and the Iroquois Confederacy— are depending on me to do: take responsibility for what happened.

It is the same for all of us. The only way our country can heal—and Charlottesville shows that we are in need of self-healing—is for each of us to do the work of self-healing.

No one gets excused. No one is let off the hook.

Just as we have to love our self before we can love anyone else, we have to heal our self before we can heal anyone or anything else.

We begin this process as we always do—with affirmative prayer: If you would join me now. If you would follow along silently, changing whatever you wish, letting go of what you’re not ready to do or don’t agree with

Simply acknowledge the presence of Spirit. Allow Spirit to speak to and with you.

This is what I know:

I know there is one Universal Source of all there is, was and will be. I know this Source is all knowing, all powerful, all giving and forgiving and everywhere present.

This Source, this Universal Intelligence, this Power for Good, this Spirit is right here, right now. Always has been, always will be.

It flows in, as and through me. I breath it in and breath it out. I have my beingness, doingness and havingness within its energy field. Nothing separates me from it, or it from me.

I am one with Source Energy or Universal Intelligence or whatever the preferred name for Spirit is. I am one with all life.


I focus on Spirit, on truth and on love. And, at the same time, I recognize that I have darkness.

It is only when I recognize that I have darkness that I can bring it into my awareness and then, with the help of Spirit, transform that darkness into Light. The transformation of darkness into Light is the true meaning of healing.

I am able to heal. I was given this ability when I was created. I use this ability now.

I root out the true cause of darkness. I asked Spirit to go to the very first time the ideas, feelings, beliefs, habits and practices that allowed darkness to enter my beingness, my DNA, my family’s DNA and my ancestral lineage and remove those causes.

Every belief that says it’s okay to be abused or to be the abuser, every feeling that says I’m not worthy or someone else is not worthy, every action that says I or anyone else isn’t good enough, doesn’t know enough, is not made of the same materials as me, every thought that says I or someone else doesn’t come from Source, every teaching that says there’s not enough with plenty left over is hereby uprooted and permanently removed.

In the vacuum created by that removal is placed the ideas, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, habits, practices and traditions that produce all good, that produces the experiences of Oneness with all there is, that produces self-responsibility and self-governance, that produces instant recognition of truth and that allows real love to blossom, flourish and spread to all on our planet and into every star system no matter how distant.

I stand in the sweetness of inclusion, of prosperity, of health and of wholeness. I welcome all to join me. I welcome Spirit.

I stand in total love and in total truth. I love myself, treat myself with respect and sweetness and then treat all life with love, respect and sweetness.

I recognize and honor my worthiness, my deservingness, my connection to Spirit and to all life; and then I treat all life as worthy, deserving and connected to Spirit and all life.

I am grateful for the installation of acceptance, of compassion, of empathy. I am grateful for the experience of inclusion, of truth and of love. I am grateful for right actions, for right being, for right thinking, for right having. I am grateful for wisdom and intelligence.

I am grateful for all that I am, for all that I do and for all that I have. I am grateful for the eternal presence of Spirit.

I release this word into the Mind of Spirit and into the action of Universal Law. 

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara Lucas

 Ask the Angels


On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia




Love Yourself First

August 16, 2017
Hi Everyone,
I received a message from Thomas, communication angel, and Jamie, archangel.
They say that the human heart is unhappy, so unhappy that it has called upon them and the other angels and archangels to help us love ourselves again.

They remind us that humans have to love themselves before they can love anyone or anything else; this includes this thing we call God or whatever name we want to use when we are partnering with the Power for Good.

They want us to send these signals out into the world:
“I am safe.”
“I am worthy.”
“I am loveable.”
“Life is sweet.”
“I belong here.”
Do this by thinking and saying these words out loud several times each day.
And, Thomas and Jamie want us to do at least one thing each day that tells our heart that we love and honor it. One thing like taking a walk outside under trees, or sitting outside in the moonlight, or listening to the ocean, or listening to meditative drumming.
And so it is.
Rev. Barbara
On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia

Decision making

July 31, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Decisions are one of the most powerful actions in the universe. Decisions determine actions as well as results.

Today, I decided to choose success instead of failure, health instead of disease and friends instead of enemies. I like the ideas of plenty, of fun, of delight and of ease. Think I’ll choose those, too.

I’ll do whatever actions lead to these results.

What have you decided to choose for this day?





Financial Lofty Questions

Financial Lofty Questions

1. How is it that I have the perfect money-making idea for me?

2. How did I get several hundred paying clients?

3. Why is it that I know exactly what to do to bring in additional money this week and every week?

4. How is it that my money-generating idea manifests into my life today?

5. How is it that I’m so good at making, managing and multiplying money?

6.  How is it that I manage money excellently?

7. How is it that I’ve doubled my income?

8. How is it that I have more money than I need?

9. How is it that I have more than enough money to spend, save and give?

Question of the week

Have you made health and fitness a priority this week? That means, are you eating the food that’s right for your body no matter how often your friends, co workers and family mock you for so doing?

That means, have you found an exercise program that fits you life? Are you being loyal to it no matter what?

That means, are you getting enough rest; are you getting enough water; are your environments calm and safe?

Be the person who is part of the solution to health care.

Plan the Next Year

All of us want a healthy, peaceful, prosperous life. That comes with planning and then implementing.

Consider these 12 areas when making your plan:

Category 1: Health & Fitness

Defy aging, up level your health. Create a compelling vision for how you want to look, feel and be in the future.

Category 2: Intellectual Life

Develop a vision of how you want to grow in your skills, nurture your talents and expand your learning potential. What do you want to receive: education of yourself and input from the outside world? What do you want to give: your thinking as a result of what you receive?

Category 3: Emotional Life

To have a great life, you have to experience quality emotions on an ongoing basis. What emotions do you want to consistently experience in your life?

Category 4: Character

Character – setting goals for self-discipline, goals for staying true to our words, goals for overcoming procrastination and so on.  Choose the character you want to bring into your life. The character of a doer, or the character of a taker?

Category 5: Spirituality

Almost all of what we believe about spirituality comes from what we were told as a kid, by our parents, our church or religious institution or by any other member of our family. But this may not necessarily describe your truth. Take a deep look at your own beliefs and discover what has to be added or subtracted to your own believing.

Category 6: Relationships

More than any other single factor, your relationships will determine your happiness. Take a look at 3 different kinds of relationship: our romantic love relationship, our relationship with children, and our social Life – our relationships with our friends and family. What do you want to add to or subtract from in this category?

Category 7: Parenting

Raising a child can be one of the richest, deepest experiences imaginable. It’s an intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey that can’t be duplicated in any other way. As a parent, you are under a microscope. Everything you say, everything you do – you are what a “human being” means to them.

Think about the beliefs, values and goals you have in this area. What do you want to add or subtract?

Category 8: Social Life

You are the sum of the people closest to you. Your friends and acquaintances do matter. What do you want to add or subtract?

Category 9: Finances

What do you want to add or subtract? Which financial model do you practice? Which might work better for you?

Category 10: Career

Are you doing what you love, what you’re good at and what gives tremendous value to the people around you? What do you want to add or subtract?

Category 11: Quality of Life

This category is about your happiness and joy. This is where you define the stuff you want. If you’re a “car person” this is where your cars live. If you’re a boat person, this is where you create and manifest that vision. This is where your dream house lives. It’s where exotic travel, and helicopter rides, and white sand beaches live. This is where all the material rewards for doing all this work can be found. What do you want to add or subtract?

Category 12: Life Vision

Your Life Vision – this is where all the thinking you’ve done so far will really start to come together … It’s here that you’ll realize that this isn’t about 12 things – it’s about one thing… you.

So. What is your vision for the person you want to be and the life you want to experience?  By thinking about the above areas, you’ve clarified what you want out of life. Now. Look into the causes to put in motion to create the effect you’re after. And develop a plan that outlines what it will take to achieve your vision. Take action by doing one powerful action toward the accomplishment of each goal. The main objective is for you to feel your life move in the direction you want it to – and action is the active ingredient!