Who are you being?

Aug. 1, 2018

Hi Everyone,

At the moment, who are you being?

The creative one?  The sad one?  The enthusiastic one? The powerful one? The know it all? The cheerleader? The confused one? The tired one? The reluctant, hesitating one? The escape artist? The bold one? The silent one? The tolerant one? The hateful one? Etc.

Are you being solitary? Social? Colorful? Plain? Etc.

 Who would you like to be?

The intuitive? The successful one? The one who is strong? Playful? Sensible? Doubtful? Grateful? Beautiful?

The compassionate one? The empath? The genius? The cheerful one? The observant one? The bully? The fighter?

Be who you would like to be.

Be gentle with yourself. Love you. Love who you would be.


Speak. Expect. Believe. Feel. Do. Be.





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Law of Expectations

July 15, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Having a problem that keeps showing up?

Put the Law of Expectations to use.

The Law of Expectation states that what you expect to happen … Will

It doesn’t matter if we expect a negative thing or a positive thing, whatever we expect will come to be.

I encourage each of you to examine your expectations about any situation that is troubling you, to make negative expectations into positive ones, put all of this in writing and repeat these now positive expectations out loud. Often.

For example:

I expect to benefit from all situations in my life.

I expect this situation to be handled in a fair, ethical, moral and legal manner.

I expect this situation is resolved right here and now.

I expect this situation to be resolved so that the highest good of all is satisfied.

And so it is.



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Solution for Drug/Gang/Elder Poverty

May 31, 2018

Hi Everyone,

In the early 1970’s, I taught third grade at Easton Elementary School which is near Morgantown, WV, the home of West Virginia University. Easton served a blue-collar, rural area. It was a Title 1 (poverty) school.

Along came MacMillian Publishers. For one year, they sponsored a tutoring program at Easton. The tutors were moms and other interested persons from the community. MacMillian provided training for these moms, materials and an on-site trainer. Students were tutored individually and in small-groups daily.


At the end of that school year, according to national tests, each of my students gained a year or more in achievement. That means that if a student entered my class reading at a first-grade level, he left reading at a second-grade level.

The fact is that every student left my class for grade four reading at a third-grade level or higher.  This was so for all areas including math. No student left third grade scoring below grade three in any area of learning.

The tutoring paid off. The extra attention, the extra teaching, the having an extra person rooting for them made this happen.


So. In view of the drug crisis, the neighborhood and school violence crisis and the elder poverty crisis, I suggest that every child in America receive daily tutoring.

That’s every child: poverty, wealthy, rural, inner-city, public school, private school, conservative, liberal.  Every child.

One-to-one tutoring gives every child someone in their corner, someone who not only listens and teaches, but who, also, observes, takes note, gives help or finds help for the student.

Consider that if someone had observed certain needs of certain individuals, the school shootings might not have happened.

Consider that if someone had given encouragement, hope and direction, certain individuals might not have taken drugs or joined gangs.

Consider that if someone helps lift someone up, helps them stand and then stand alone, individuals might see alternatives to gangs and violence.

Who Tutors

There are many retired teachers who would love to work with children but who no longer desire to manage a classroom. There are many retirees who would welcome the chance to increase their income and do good.

Remember that MacMillian trained the moms and interested people in the neighborhood. These folks didn’t have college degrees. They had a desire to help their kid and the other children in the neighborhood.

Providing a one-to-one daily tutor for each child could be a major piece of the solution for ending drug, gang and violence in our schools and neighborhoods.

It is certainly a way to end elder poverty. Grandmothers,  grandfathers and other retired persons would be perfect tutors.

Healing Happens

There is a national call to end the drug/gang/elder poverty crisis in our nation. A healing is needed.

Healing does not happen unless there is a vision, a why and a how.

The vision is each child in American receiving daily, one-to-one tutoring so that learning is enhanced and problems spotted and resolved.

The why is to end the drug/gang/elder poverty crisis.

The how is to employ retired folks, trained them to tutor, observe and problem-solve and then assign them as tutors to the students. Some of the student problems a trained tutor could spot and help solve are rejection and loneliness or homelessness and hunger or fear of bullies and gangs.

The details are left to each of you who sees that daily, one-to-one tutoring for every child is a viable, workable piece needed to help our schools and communities become safe, peaceful, fun and productive places.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

And so it is.

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Not Being Chosen

May 20, 2018

Hi Everyone,

For the past several months, I’ve been dealing with a negative occurrence. I didn’t have a name for it.

Then this morning the name came to me. I’ve been dealing with Not Being Chosen.

Another name for this is Rejection or Not Being Selected.

Not Being Chosen fits current events in my life.

The event that brought all this up and the one I have demanded help with is a new job.

This job is the perfect one for me; it is exactly what I asked the Universe to give me except for one massive detail.

In order to do the job, the customers of this employer have to choose me. Most of the time, I am not chosen.

Since I am excellent at this job and since it is so perfect for me, I have been confused about the rejection until I realized that not being chosen has occurred in my life since early childhood.

This Not Being Chosen has probably occurred in many lifetimes.

I suspect that many of you suffer from Not Being Chosen. It’s time to heal this and delete it from our life. Starting now.

Spiritual Healing
I decided that Not Being Chosen and Rejection had to be deleted from my life across all time, space, dimensions and realities.

So I did the spiritual healing I describe in my Ask the Angels Coaching blog for May 20, 2018. Find it here.

Energetic Healing
The spiritual healing is a necessary step in removing Not Being Chosen from my life forever.

However, so is energetic healing.

There are two techniques that I constantly use.

Belief Technique
One is described in my book Success Beliefs. Get a copy here.

For example, I say:

I believe I am chosen for what and whenever I so choose.

I believe my work is selected as the best solution, as the best choice.

I believe I am the first choice in all situations where my talents, gifts, experiences, wisdom, skills and education would bring about the highest and best for me and all others involved in the circumstance or situation.

I believe I have 14 or more paying students each week.

I believe I do a fantastic job of teaching and making learning fun.

I believe I am the obvious choice.

I repeat these several times a day.

Mind Talk
I talk to my mind. I say:


I have chosen to be chosen for my teaching skills. I feel great about this.

I have chosen to be selected as the perfect teacher for students. I feel great about this.

I have chosen to have 14 or more students each week. I feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to be selected for what and when I so choose. I feel fantastic about this.


I am grateful that this is so.

I, also, repeat this several times a day.

Any time I feel panic or frustration about not being chosen, I immediately do the spiritual healing as well as these two energetic methods.

The important thing is to raise my mind and my emotions from panic and frustration to the levels of success which in this case means acceptance, being chosen and being selected.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Mother’s Day 2018

May 13, 2018
Hi Everyone,

What follows is a copy of the talk I gave this morning, Sunday, May 13, 2018 at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.

Sermon Mother’s Day:

Welcome to Mother’s Day and it’s celebration at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia. I am happy to be here on this glorious, sunny day.

Last year when I spoke on Mother’s Day, I used as my text quote “We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving-kindness and the eternal givingness of Life to all.” unquote
which is one of the Universal Spiritual principles that Earnest Homes wrote and I, also,- expanded the definition of mother.

Today, we are going to use a different text and expand the meaning of mother a little bit more.

Mother’s Day was founded by activist Anna Jarvis way back in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna did this to honor her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War.

Because Mother’s Day was founded by an activist to celebrate the life of an activist, Mother’s Day is a call for activism. It is a day to do what Saint Paul said and put love into action.

Mother Teresa told us that “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

In the secret place of their heart, mothers disagree with Mother Teresa. All mothers want one specific great thing.

The flowers, the cards, the candy, the special lunches and dinners are nice, but what mothers really want is for all of us to commit to having a better world for all children everywhere.

It is as this teaching says: there is no us and them; there is no our children and their children; there is only children, our children, the children of all of us.

Mothers want us to really hear what Ernest Holmes, the founder of what has become Centers for Spiritual Living, said about love and then to act from that place of understanding.

Ernest Holmes said, quote

“Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed.

However, it can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love, we will feel it has abandoned us.

Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer.” Unquote

As always, when considering the words Ernest Holmes left for us, there is much wisdom to let in.

That first linelove is within us. It cannot be destroyed—gives us enormous freedom.

We can stop seeking love. We can stop making bargains for it, stop earning it, stop buying it because we already have it.

We simply have to stop being teenagers and denying that this is so.

Even more important, love cannot be destroyed. There is no action, no thought, no belief, no attitude, no rebellion that can take it from us.

Our only choice in the matter of love is to ignore it.

We can choose to believe that we are unwanted and unloved; we can place ourselves with the lost of this world or we can do what is done on this day:

We can choose to celebrate love, both the love that is within and the love that is outside of us.

Today is the day we embrace the love that comes from the outside, from all those who nurtured, supported and empowered us and all those who continue to do so.

Today we focus on the one person on the outside who loved us best, our mothers. It doesn’t matter if this person was male or female, a member of our human family or from our universal family.

It doesn’t matter if this someone was part of our daily life or someone we never met but somehow greatly influenced the person we have become.

After arriving on this planet, someone kept us alive and did their best to raise us to be good neighbors. Someone gave us guidance and encouragement.

Someone was our cheerleader, picked us up when we fell, and shielded us from those who ignore the love that is on the inside of them.

Someone was active in our life and active for the good. That someone or someone’s is/are mothers.

Today, we honor our mother. This includes all the persons who we might not call mother, but, in our heart of hearts, we know we should.

So. Who are these persons who influenced us enough to be called mother?

They are the people who understand the second part of the Ernest Holmes quote of this talk: quote “However, love can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love, we will feel it has abandoned us.” unquote

 These are the people who are determined not to ignore love.

They are the people who allow love of self to flow out of them into the Universe.

They are the ones who loved themselves so much that they found truth and were eager to share this truth with the rest of us.

These people are mothers; all of us can claim them as one of our many mothers.

One of my mother’s is Dr. Kennedy Schultz, the founder of the Atlanta Center for Spiritual Living. During the years I was his student, he did what mothers do: he nurtured, supported and empowered his students.

In other words, he loved us.

One class time, I happened to be walking past him and another student when I heard Dr. Schultz say, “Whatever you call someone else, you call yourself.”

Dr. Schultz was reminding the student that we all come from the same source, are made of the same substance. Each of us is some aspect, some piece, of the Creator. We are all connected to and of the One.

Dr. Shultz’s words–“Whatever you call someone else, you call yourself.”
became part of my North Star. In other words, these words are part of my moral compass.

Whenever I find myself thinking “me and them”, when I find myself thinking poorly of someone, when I find myself listening to “he’s not one of us, he’s one of them”, Kennedy’s words float into my awareness and I quickly make a correction.

Hang around this teaching long enough and you, too, will understand that there is no “us” and “them”; there is only us.

Dr. Schultz’s words– what you call others is what you call yourself– are so much a part of me that I cringed when I heard folks calling the Parkland, Florida school shooter a monster.

They did not know they were calling themselves “monster”.

As more information comes out about school shooters, it becomes obvious that we, the community called America, do not recognize that all of us are called to be mothers; all of us are called to let the love on the inside of us greet the love on the outside of us.

When those two forces meet—our inside love and the love from the outside—a powerful, unstoppable force is formed.

A force we can direct to do love. A force that can solve problems.

A force that can help us keep our commitment to all mothers: that we will be activist for a better world for all children everywhere, because all children everywhere are our children.

The research coming out about school shootings confirms what Ernest Holmes teaches: the problem is the denial of love; the answer is the giving of love.

This is what mothers do: they give love in the form of a new human life.

The truth is that anyone who has brought forth a new business, a new friendship, an invention, a construction project, a creative piece and anything else that is new to this planet is a mother.

Kennedy Schultz fits this definition of mother. He brought forth newness: he brought forth this teaching to an Atlanta audience.

Dr. Maria Montessori is another of these kinds of mothers. She brought forth a new way to educate and care for children. She is another of my mothers.

Dr. Montessori was a medical doctor who became concerned about children placed in mental health facilities and then became concerned because her so called abnormal children when taught the Montessori way learned more than so called normal children.

Dr. Maria Montessori lived at the same time as Ernest Holmes. Her writings are filled with New Age ideas applied to children and education.

She taught us to see and treat children and ourselves as spiritual beings.

In our day, she would be called a social activist.

Another person who is not only one of my mother’s but a mom to thousands of Americans is President John F Kennedy.

He is a mother because he did what mothers do: he expanded our North Star, our moral compass.

He showed us a new path to consider.

I was in high school January, 1961 when President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for your country.”

Like thousands of other young persons, I pondered these words and made them part of my North Star.

President Kennedy did what mothers do: he caused us to consider and choose careers of public service, a mindset of giving and a determination to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

We who answered President Kennedy’s call to act did the third part of the Ernest Holmes quote for today: Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer.”

We refused to ignore the call of love from the outside and the push of love from the inside. We refused to abandon love.

Even though there are many who deny the good done by those who answered President Kennedy’s call, that good cannot be taken from us.

Nor can that good be taken from this country or our world. The good denied yes; the good covered up yes, but that good destroyed. Never.

Ernest Holmes spoke truth when he said “Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed.

However, it can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love, we will feel it has abandoned us.
Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer.” unquote

So, this Mother’s Day let us acknowledge the truth of these words.

Every time we see a problem, let us recognize that it is a denial of love.

Immigration problem—denial of love

Money problem—denial of love

School shooter problem—denial of love

Minister problem—denial of love

And, every time we desire a solution, let us embrace love.

Let us allow our inside love to greet the love from the outside.

Let us become a powerful, unstoppable force for the good.

Love requires many hands to do its bidding.

Let our hands be among those that answer the call of love.

Let us be mothers to all children and all people everywhere.

And so it is.


End of Death

April 10, 2018
Hi Everyone,
What follows is a copy of the talk I gave April 1, 2018 at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.

The talk gives a slightly different way of thinking about death and the mind.

The Talk

Today is one of the high holy days of the Christian Calendar.  The truth is Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday is a high holy day for the rest of us, too.

You see, more than two thousand years ago, a very significant change in belief happened that impacted everyone on our planet, no matter their traditions or where they live.

Over two thousand years ago, at this time of year, Ernest Holmes tells us that we ended our belief in death.  (p. 630 The Science of Mind)

Until I read this quote I hadn’t thought of death as a belief. I thought of it as a truth, something that never changes.

Death will always be with us or so I thought.

Holmes tells us that what Easter and the Resurrection is really about is ending our belief in death thus ending our fear of it thus ending the power anyone who threatens us with it has.

This belief should have been so thoroughly deleted that when someone threatens us with total annihilation, we have compassion for that person while we think, “Impossible. You are not God. God created us. Only God can destroy us. God has no interest in destroying us. God is only interested in our success in all areas of life including health, finances, relationships and career/work.

Besides, there is no death. Death is a belief belonging to the age we just left. The age we just left is the Age of Pisces, the age of the fish.

We are in a new age, the Age of Aquarius,  the age that celebrates life, renewal, and rebirth, that has as its symbol ever flowing water. Ever flowing water as we humans are ever flowing with life and wholeness.”

Now, we would never say those words to such persons who are threatening us. Those words would only increase their anger and frustration. They are not ready to know truth.

Instead, we go about the business of celebrating life, of knowing that our belief in death is gone; therefore, death is gone.

This is so because we know that we don’t get what we want, we get what we believe; and, we believe that we have eternal life.

Yes, people leave their bodies and, as far as we know, they leave this planet.

This leaving is part of the pattern of this planet.

Someday, that pattern may change. Almost daily, scientists announce some progress toward this change, but for now, leaving our bodies is something all of us do; for now, we simply accept, let fear go and embrace the will of God for each of us.

Now, most of us halfway accept that there is no death, that we live forever, that we have eternal life.

And, we somewhat accept that God’s will for us is success in every piece of life including fun and adventure.

The problem is we have difficulty remembering that appearances are deceiving. Just because the body no longer functions doesn’t mean that we no longer function.

Just because it appears that the 2nd Amendment or certain groups are the cause of gun violence doesn’t mean that this appearance is correct.

To solve this thing of being deceived by appearances, we do what Holmes tells us (p 148, The Science of Mind) quote “We expand our thought until it realizes all good and then cuts through all that appears to be.” unquote

So we are to expand our thought until it sees and knows all good and until we see and know beyond the mere appearance of a thing.

Most of us understand expanding our thought but—- this cutting though appearances business. How do we do that?

We do that by following the rules of the mind, the rules that Centers for Spiritual Living teaches.

If you’ve hung around this teaching for a while, then you know that

  1. each of us was given a mind that we are to use to create the life we desire
  2. we are in charge of this mind and not the mind in charge of us
  3. we know that the mind expects us to choose our thoughts and our emotions as well as our results
  4. we know that we can expand our thoughts to know a greater circumstance or situation
  5. and, that we can choose the higher emotions instead of the lower ones.

We know that Ernest Holmes taught: quote “Words and affirmations give shape to thought; they are not creative. Feeling is creative. The more feeling we put into the word, the greater the power that word will have.” ( page 69, Creative Mind and Success)  unquote

This quote is the recipe for bringing forth the desires of our heart: thought plus feeling equals creation.

Now. If we don’t know and practice the rules of the mind, then ending death such as the death of poor health, the death of not enough money, the death of bad relationships, the death of career/work that harms the planet and the people is impossible.

If we don’t cut through appearances than when folks blame the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution or certain groups for gun violence then no one says, “Now wait a minute. That’s what appearances say. What does truth say?”

If we aren’t following and practicing the rules of the mind, we aren’t doing the will of Spirit: we aren’t being successful in all that we be, do and have.

One of the rules of the mind is that we have choice, but we have to make clear to our mind that we have actually made a choice.

So knowing that:

  1. mind hears every word we say; therefore, there is no privacy,
  2. knowing that the mind doesn’t understand joking or statements like we didn’t mean what we just said,
  3. knowing that the mind believes every word we say and accepts what we say as the truth,
  4. knowing that the mind brings into physical reality everything we say

then we make our choices clear by making statements like:

I have chosen to have success in every area of life and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to experience joy, happiness and peace every moment of my life and I choose to feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to plan a life that lasts a hundred years or more, a life that has a hundred years or more of more than enough health, money, harmony, peace and all good;  and I choose to feel joyful and peaceful about this.

I have chosen to be healthy, to be filled with energy, vim, vigor and vitality and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to have a mind that has instant recall, that thinks clearly, that solves problems, that is happy and at peace. And, I choose to feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to have money constantly filling my accounts, my containers, my pockets, my mailbox, my car and my home and I choose to feel great about this

Let’s take a moment to practice this. Choose something that you want and within the quiet of your mind, use the pattern of words I just gave you—I have chosen such and such– and then immediately add  a higher emotion such as I choose to feel great about this.

For example,

I have chosen to add one thousand dollars or more a month to my income and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to be gainfully employed and I choose to feel wonderful about this.

I have chosen to have perfect posture and I choose to feel empowered by this

I have chosen water as my favorite beverage and I choose to feel great about this.

Now it’s your turn. In the quiet of your mind, practice this.

When we select these kinds of  higher thoughts, and these kinds of  higher emotions, we are doing a mini spiritual mind treatment.

When we do a spiritual mind treatment, we are giving our mind greater thoughts to bring forth and giving it greater emotions with which to energize itself.

So our job is to train ourselves to notice every time we think a death thought such as  I have the flu or he/she/they/them did this to me or I haven’t enough money or those people are to blame or I am afraid of that new idea.

As soon as we recognize our death thought, we train our self to immediately switch to a higher thought, a success thought, and then to match that greater thought with a greater feeling such as joy or love or harmony.

We remember to use the greatest tools known to us humans: the mind,  the emotions and the mouth.

And we celebrate the death of limitation because we recognize that everyone is a creator, and can choose to be a maker of a great life,

Everyone can choose greater thoughts and greater emotions.

We recognize that everyone has the tools that can bring forth success. a mind, emotions and a mouth.

We recognize we and all others are humans doing what humans do best: bringing forth excellence, expanding into the greater, leaving behind the old and embracing the new.

So in this coming week,

We choose to know the highest and best, to say the highest and best and to feel the highest and best.

We choose to celebrate the greatness of life and the greatness of us.

We choose to feel great about this.

And so it is

Barbara Lucas


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On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia







Out of Negativity

March 26, 2018
Hi Everyone,

We are talking about the Rules of the Mind. Our mind does have rules. If we know these rules, we can help our self to a better life.

Last week, we talked about the rule of playing the part we’ve always known until that part is our own. Perhaps we have always known poverty or illness or betrayal or kindness or always having more than enough money or always being with people who practice integrity.

If we don’t like the part we are playing, we can choose another part. We always include the higher emotions like greatness or love or joy when we name our choices.

We can choose to be middle class or to always have more than enough money, food or whatever we desire, to always speak wisdom, to always understand the motives of those I am with, to always do what is the best.

This week we’re talking about talking our self out of negativity. The mind hears what we say about our self. The mind’s job is to make what we say real.

So, if we say that we are ugly, the mind will make certain that we are ugly. If we say we are poor, that we don’t have enough money or food or love, the mind will make certain that is so. If we say we have great health, the mind will make this so.

Therefore, it is our job to speak only what we want to be so about us.

We say things like: “I am beautiful. I am wealthy. I always have more than enough money, food, friends or anything else I want.”

We look in the mirror and say, “Hi gorgeous. Wow! You are beautiful.”

We look at our bank accounts, in our pockets and our money containers and say, “Wow! What a fabulous balance! Look how much I have.”

All day long we chat with our self: “Of course, I can do that. I am a highly skilled individual.” “I easily learn whatever I need and want to learn.” “What wonderful, supportive friends I have.” “Of course, I was asked to do that. I’m the best.” “Look at me. I weigh exactly what I should weigh. My posture is perfect.” “I knew exactly how to answer the questions the job interviewer asked.”

To do this changing of any negative statement about us to one of positiveness, we monitor our mouth and our thinking without ceasing.

We do this quietly, within our own self. There is nothing worse about starting and maintaining a habit then having others put us down or mocking us.

And we end these statements by giving thanks.

“I am beautiful. I am grateful that this is so.”

“I always have more than enough money to pay all those I owe, to give some away, to put some in storage and to buy what I desire including food, clothing, education and all good. I give thanks that this is so.”

“I clearly hear the voice of Spirit. I am grateful that this is so.”

“I am strong, fit and healthy. I am filled with vim, vigor and vitality. I give thanks that this is so.”

“My thinking is sharp, clear and focused. I have the thoughts that lead to greatness and goodness. I give thanks that this is so.”

And so it is.