End of Death

April 10, 2018
Hi Everyone,
What follows is a copy of the talk I gave April 1, 2018 at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.

The talk gives a slightly different way of thinking about death and the mind.

The Talk

Today is one of the high holy days of the Christian Calendar.  The truth is Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday is a high holy day for the rest of us, too.

You see, more than two thousand years ago, a very significant change in belief happened that impacted everyone on our planet, no matter their traditions or where they live.

Over two thousand years ago, at this time of year, Ernest Holmes tells us that we ended our belief in death.  (p. 630 The Science of Mind)

Until I read this quote I hadn’t thought of death as a belief. I thought of it as a truth, something that never changes.

Death will always be with us or so I thought.

Holmes tells us that what Easter and the Resurrection is really about is ending our belief in death thus ending our fear of it thus ending the power anyone who threatens us with it has.

This belief should have been so thoroughly deleted that when someone threatens us with total annihilation, we have compassion for that person while we think, “Impossible. You are not God. God created us. Only God can destroy us. God has no interest in destroying us. God is only interested in our success in all areas of life including health, finances, relationships and career/work.

Besides, there is no death. Death is a belief belonging to the age we just left. The age we just left is the Age of Pisces, the age of the fish.

We are in a new age, the Age of Aquarius,  the age that celebrates life, renewal, and rebirth, that has as its symbol ever flowing water. Ever flowing water as we humans are ever flowing with life and wholeness.”

Now, we would never say those words to such persons who are threatening us. Those words would only increase their anger and frustration. They are not ready to know truth.

Instead, we go about the business of celebrating life, of knowing that our belief in death is gone; therefore, death is gone.

This is so because we know that we don’t get what we want, we get what we believe; and, we believe that we have eternal life.

Yes, people leave their bodies and, as far as we know, they leave this planet.

This leaving is part of the pattern of this planet.

Someday, that pattern may change. Almost daily, scientists announce some progress toward this change, but for now, leaving our bodies is something all of us do; for now, we simply accept, let fear go and embrace the will of God for each of us.

Now, most of us halfway accept that there is no death, that we live forever, that we have eternal life.

And, we somewhat accept that God’s will for us is success in every piece of life including fun and adventure.

The problem is we have difficulty remembering that appearances are deceiving. Just because the body no longer functions doesn’t mean that we no longer function.

Just because it appears that the 2nd Amendment or certain groups are the cause of gun violence doesn’t mean that this appearance is correct.

To solve this thing of being deceived by appearances, we do what Holmes tells us (p 148, The Science of Mind) quote “We expand our thought until it realizes all good and then cuts through all that appears to be.” unquote

So we are to expand our thought until it sees and knows all good and until we see and know beyond the mere appearance of a thing.

Most of us understand expanding our thought but—- this cutting though appearances business. How do we do that?

We do that by following the rules of the mind, the rules that Centers for Spiritual Living teaches.

If you’ve hung around this teaching for a while, then you know that

  1. each of us was given a mind that we are to use to create the life we desire
  2. we are in charge of this mind and not the mind in charge of us
  3. we know that the mind expects us to choose our thoughts and our emotions as well as our results
  4. we know that we can expand our thoughts to know a greater circumstance or situation
  5. and, that we can choose the higher emotions instead of the lower ones.

We know that Ernest Holmes taught: quote “Words and affirmations give shape to thought; they are not creative. Feeling is creative. The more feeling we put into the word, the greater the power that word will have.” ( page 69, Creative Mind and Success)  unquote

This quote is the recipe for bringing forth the desires of our heart: thought plus feeling equals creation.

Now. If we don’t know and practice the rules of the mind, then ending death such as the death of poor health, the death of not enough money, the death of bad relationships, the death of career/work that harms the planet and the people is impossible.

If we don’t cut through appearances than when folks blame the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution or certain groups for gun violence then no one says, “Now wait a minute. That’s what appearances say. What does truth say?”

If we aren’t following and practicing the rules of the mind, we aren’t doing the will of Spirit: we aren’t being successful in all that we be, do and have.

One of the rules of the mind is that we have choice, but we have to make clear to our mind that we have actually made a choice.

So knowing that:

  1. mind hears every word we say; therefore, there is no privacy,
  2. knowing that the mind doesn’t understand joking or statements like we didn’t mean what we just said,
  3. knowing that the mind believes every word we say and accepts what we say as the truth,
  4. knowing that the mind brings into physical reality everything we say

then we make our choices clear by making statements like:

I have chosen to have success in every area of life and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to experience joy, happiness and peace every moment of my life and I choose to feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to plan a life that lasts a hundred years or more, a life that has a hundred years or more of more than enough health, money, harmony, peace and all good;  and I choose to feel joyful and peaceful about this.

I have chosen to be healthy, to be filled with energy, vim, vigor and vitality and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to have a mind that has instant recall, that thinks clearly, that solves problems, that is happy and at peace. And, I choose to feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to have money constantly filling my accounts, my containers, my pockets, my mailbox, my car and my home and I choose to feel great about this

Let’s take a moment to practice this. Choose something that you want and within the quiet of your mind, use the pattern of words I just gave you—I have chosen such and such– and then immediately add  a higher emotion such as I choose to feel great about this.

For example,

I have chosen to add one thousand dollars or more a month to my income and I choose to feel great about this.

I have chosen to be gainfully employed and I choose to feel wonderful about this.

I have chosen to have perfect posture and I choose to feel empowered by this

I have chosen water as my favorite beverage and I choose to feel great about this.

Now it’s your turn. In the quiet of your mind, practice this.

When we select these kinds of  higher thoughts, and these kinds of  higher emotions, we are doing a mini spiritual mind treatment.

When we do a spiritual mind treatment, we are giving our mind greater thoughts to bring forth and giving it greater emotions with which to energize itself.

So our job is to train ourselves to notice every time we think a death thought such as  I have the flu or he/she/they/them did this to me or I haven’t enough money or those people are to blame or I am afraid of that new idea.

As soon as we recognize our death thought, we train our self to immediately switch to a higher thought, a success thought, and then to match that greater thought with a greater feeling such as joy or love or harmony.

We remember to use the greatest tools known to us humans: the mind,  the emotions and the mouth.

And we celebrate the death of limitation because we recognize that everyone is a creator, and can choose to be a maker of a great life,

Everyone can choose greater thoughts and greater emotions.

We recognize that everyone has the tools that can bring forth success. a mind, emotions and a mouth.

We recognize we and all others are humans doing what humans do best: bringing forth excellence, expanding into the greater, leaving behind the old and embracing the new.

So in this coming week,

We choose to know the highest and best, to say the highest and best and to feel the highest and best.

We choose to celebrate the greatness of life and the greatness of us.

We choose to feel great about this.

And so it is

Barbara Lucas


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Out of Negativity

March 26, 2018
Hi Everyone,

We are talking about the Rules of the Mind. Our mind does have rules. If we know these rules, we can help our self to a better life.

Last week, we talked about the rule of playing the part we’ve always known until that part is our own. Perhaps we have always known poverty or illness or betrayal or kindness or always having more than enough money or always being with people who practice integrity.

If we don’t like the part we are playing, we can choose another part. We always include the higher emotions like greatness or love or joy when we name our choices.

We can choose to be middle class or to always have more than enough money, food or whatever we desire, to always speak wisdom, to always understand the motives of those I am with, to always do what is the best.

This week we’re talking about talking our self out of negativity. The mind hears what we say about our self. The mind’s job is to make what we say real.

So, if we say that we are ugly, the mind will make certain that we are ugly. If we say we are poor, that we don’t have enough money or food or love, the mind will make certain that is so. If we say we have great health, the mind will make this so.

Therefore, it is our job to speak only what we want to be so about us.

We say things like: “I am beautiful. I am wealthy. I always have more than enough money, food, friends or anything else I want.”

We look in the mirror and say, “Hi gorgeous. Wow! You are beautiful.”

We look at our bank accounts, in our pockets and our money containers and say, “Wow! What a fabulous balance! Look how much I have.”

All day long we chat with our self: “Of course, I can do that. I am a highly skilled individual.” “I easily learn whatever I need and want to learn.” “What wonderful, supportive friends I have.” “Of course, I was asked to do that. I’m the best.” “Look at me. I weigh exactly what I should weigh. My posture is perfect.” “I knew exactly how to answer the questions the job interviewer asked.”

To do this changing of any negative statement about us to one of positiveness, we monitor our mouth and our thinking without ceasing.

We do this quietly, within our own self. There is nothing worse about starting and maintaining a habit then having others put us down or mocking us.

And we end these statements by giving thanks.

“I am beautiful. I am grateful that this is so.”

“I always have more than enough money to pay all those I owe, to give some away, to put some in storage and to buy what I desire including food, clothing, education and all good. I give thanks that this is so.”

“I clearly hear the voice of Spirit. I am grateful that this is so.”

“I am strong, fit and healthy. I am filled with vim, vigor and vitality. I give thanks that this is so.”

“My thinking is sharp, clear and focused. I have the thoughts that lead to greatness and goodness. I give thanks that this is so.”

And so it is.



Change the part

March 23, 2018

Hi Everyone,
The mind has rules.  One of those rules is:
“We play the only part we’ve ever known until that part becomes our own.”

We might only know the part of victim or poverty-stricken or slow learner or party-goer or wise one or parent or disorganized or trustworthy or always on time or unemployed or winner or queen or king or etc.


If we are playing a part that we don’t like or always results in trouble, we can decide to play a different part.

Do it this way:

  1. Choose the new part
  2. Say: I have chosen to _________________________.
  3. Say: I have chosen to feel great about this.

For example:

  1. I have chosen to work full-time. I feel great about this.
  2. I have chosen to eat healthy food. I feel great about this.
  3. I have chosen to always be on time. I feel great about this.

When we say these sentences, we are giving ourselves a better than usual emotion–feel great. We are telling our mind what we want.

We are not explaining or using logic. We are using the creative force of emotion and the creative force of clarity.

This works. Try it. Tell me what happens, please.
And so it is.
(barbara lucas teaches @ gmail . com)


Success Beliefs

March 15, 2018
Hi Everyone,
I am doing the final edit on my next book Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything. 

I believe this is the best book I’ve written so far. The truly best is yet to come.

Success Beliefs are the ones that have to be in place before we can get our desired results.

Most of the time, we decide on a result, then we take action to get that result. What we should do is decide on a result, then determine the beliefs that will bring that result into being.

Hopefully, this book will be available for all of you in about a month or so.

And so it is.





Jan. 16, 2018

Hi Everyone,

This week, in my blog for Ask the Angels Coaching.com , ] I explain that our talents, gifts and skills are our currency.  The products and services we produce by using our talents is what we exchange for what we need, want and desire. What we produce is our currency.

Unfortunately, we often have problems in both the area of talent and the area of money because we have put up blocks and barriers to giving and receiving.

The simplest way to remove a block or barrier is to return to the very first time it entered our beingness and remove it. We Make Room for Our Good.

Make Room for Good

Repeat daily (out loud if possible):

“I go to the first time I refused to identify my talents, gifts and abilities; I refused to admit that I was just as talented as high-dollar celebrities; I go to the first time I had the thought that I wasn’t enough, that I didn’t know enough, that I was less-than someone else; that I felt that my family or my community or my ancestors were less-than’s; I go to the first time I refused to believe that I am talented, gifted and skilled, that I am worthy and deserving, that I matter; I go to the first time I took in someone putting me down, condemning me, mocking me, judging me, and I believed them instead of my inner knowing of being from and of the Creator;

And I gently remove, eliminate, and purge this thinking, believing and feeling; I make certain I get every bit of this falseness; I thank this falseness for serving me in whatever way it did and send it back to its place of origin to be transformed into love.

I have created a vacuum. I immediately fill it with the absolute knowing, believing, speaking and feeling that I have wonderful, marvelous talents, gifts and skills; that these are needed and bring top dollar in the market place when I go to exchange them for what I need, want and desire; that I matter and what I do and produce matters; that my family, community and ancestors are honorable, giving people; that I am worthy and deserving.”

I give thanks for the ability to let go of what no longer serves me and the ability to add new thinking, feeling, believing and speaking that does serve me.

I give thanks for me and my many blessings.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara 


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Release for Monday, Jan. 8

Jan. 8, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Make Room for Good!

Today, I eliminate, I let go, I delete,  and purge everything—every thought, belief, feeling and action—that prevents me from having a break though to having more than enough income; more then enough health, vitality, vim and vigor; more than enough harmony, ease, balance and peace on this day and all the days to come.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia