Report: Fifty Must-Have Success Beliefs


   Fifty Must-Have Success Beliefs
   expand your beliefs, expand your success
by  Barbara S Lucas, PhD

   “As I see it, every day you do one of two things:
   Build health or produce disease in yourself.”
Adelle Davis (1904-1974): American nutritionist


Hi Everyone,
Thank you for purchasing Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything. This is the Report I promised in the gift section of that book. Read and add to your life.

Since publishing Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything, I notice that the first action I take before beginning anything is to write the success beliefs that match the result I desire.

I always start with:

I believe I live in a universe and on a planet of abundance, prosperity, health and harmony.

I believe I can have as much of anything I desire including health, money and harmonious relationships and there is still plenty.

I believe that everyone can have as much of anything they desire including health, money and harmonious relationships and there is still plenty.

I believe I am capable of achieving any result I desire including the desire to have an additional one thousand dollars every month as additional income.

I believe that anyone who has this same desire can gain an additional one thousand dollars every month.

I hope you have developed the same habit. I hope you can feel the shift within you when you read success beliefs. I hope these beliefs are the foundation of all your intentions for success in all areas of living. I hope your intentions are fruitful.

And so it is.
Barbara Lucas

The Fifty Must-Have Success Beliefs are:

  1. I believe I live in a Universe and on a planet of endless abundance in and of all things. There exists an abundance of money, health, peace, safety, relationships and all good.
  2. I believe I can have as much as I want of whatever I want as long as I am ethical, moral and legal, others can have as much as they want as long as they are ethical, moral and legal. After all of us have taken as much as we desire, there is still plenty.
  3. I believe there is an endless supply of all good.
  4. I believe I am grateful for living in this place of plenty and in a place where I and all others can have as much of all things and of life as we desire. After we take as much as we want, there is plenty left.
  5. I believe I easily release all fears and negative thoughts I hold about me and all others. I do this in order to heal and maintain vibrant health in all areas of my life including financial and career/work.
  6. I believe I plan to live a hundred years or more in health and wholeness in all areas of life. I make good, solid plans for a hundred years or more of prosperous, healthy, happy, peaceful living.
  7. I believe it’s okay to ask and it’s okay to say “No”.
  8. I believe I always take care of me and mine. I easily do so.
  9. I believe I am a problem solver. I always find a way to make things work. I easily find solutions to challenges.
  10. I believe I honor the sacred relationship I have with my body, with my finances, with my relationships, with my career/work and with all life.
  11. I believe I bring passion, enthusiasm and energy with me wherever I go.
  12. I believe I control my attitude. I create my emotions.
  13. I believe I have the power to make things happen; I have the ability to get things done; I never underestimate myself. I am capable.
  14. I believe my ceaseless internal stream of dialogue (self-talk) affirms my life. I think the thoughts, speak the words, and feel the feelings that use my energy to create deep love, self-esteem and health in every area of my life. This allows healing and change to happen naturally.
  15. I believe the only thing I can’t do is what I physically can’t do. I believe that physical inability can be handled. Everything is possible.
  16.  I believe self-love improves and maintains hearing, eyesight and all aspects of the body including blood pressure, stamina and overall wellbeing. Therefore, I love me.
  17. I believe I am a product of my choices; I make good choices. I believe I trust myself to make the best decisions. I make the choices that move my life toward my dreams.
  18. I believe I am incredibly blessed. I am grateful for all my blessings
  19. I believe life is fun, filled with pleasure and is a delight.
  20. I believe everyone I meet is a friend and wants the very best for me.
  21. I believe I always do my best, give my best and receive the best.
  22. I believe everything is okay, all is well and turns out beautifully.
  23. I believe healing happens on the non-physical level before it ever makes itself known on the physical level; therefore, I keep my emotions, thoughts, beliefs and my connection to Spirit in good order.
  24. I believe I pay more attention to what I love about myself and what is working well, rather than what I don’t like or am frustrated about not having/being so that health in all areas of my life including finances and relationships is created and maintained.
  25. I believe I depend on Spirit, on me and my relationship with Spirit.
  26. I believe I awaken the light and love within every cell of my being and radiate it outward to the world.
  27. I believe I change the structure and function of my brain by practicing positive expectancy in the form of visualizations and affirmations (intentional repeated thought patterns). As I rewire my brain, new realities emerge.
  28. I believe my clear intention (my affirmation), my positive expectancy (absolute belief in the attainment of my intentions), and my powerful emotional energy are all the ingredients and tools I need to make my thoughts a tangible reality.
  29. I believe that if I spend fifteen minutes a day stating my intentions, feeling supportive/positive emotions and seeing the reality I desire, I can manifest everything I want in my life. Doing these three things creates my reality.
  30. I believe I am ready for change. I welcome change. I welcome all new ideas, thoughts and opinions. I take time to investigate, research and consider all ideas, thoughts and opinions, new and old.
  31. I believe I attract only the people, things and experiences that serve my highest good.
  32. I believe that by loving myself first, taking care of me first, giving to me first, and serving me first, I can better love, care for, give to and serve the rest of the world.
  33. I believe I am filled with creative energy, empathic energy and intuitive energy. These flow freely and unrestricted, are available at all times, and serve me constantly. These guide me to make correct decisions.
  34. I believe I am in charge of the thoughts I think. Today, I choose to think the thoughts of God. I choose to think positivity, prosperity, health, energy, harmony, peace, kindness, and joy.
  35. I believe my mind is clear, focused, free, open and tranquil. My thinking is sharp.
  36. I believe I easily let go of all that no longer serves me. I easily forgive and let go. I easily let go of all the false stories and beliefs I make up.
  37. I believe Divine Intelligence flows in, as, through and around me all the time. I believe I am always guided and protected.
  38. I believe I have correctly identified all my talents, gifts and skills.
  39. I believe I know how to use my skills, talents, abilities, experiences and resources to change the world into something more loving, more intelligent, more giving than what it is at the moment. I make a contribution that is greater than myself that aids the bringing forth of a healthy, prosperous, stable world. I do so with calmness and focus.
  40. I believe that every problem has a solution. I believe in my ability to find the solution and set myself free. Every problem has a door that opens unto the solution. I easily find and open the doors to every problem in my life. I welcome the solutions.
  41. I believe I ask and then receive.
  42. I believe I am grateful to be aging. I do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied many.
  43. I believe that millions of invisible energies support, guide and protect me.
  44. I believe I am dissolving old, painful patterns that block my receiving of my good. I believe that as these go away, I let new ways of being come forth.
  45. I believe I practice being gentle with myself and all others in all places, at all times. This reverence brings and maintains ease and flow in the world.
  46. I believe I am worthy and deserving of a life filled with all good. I believe this is so for myself and all others.
  47. I believe my beauty goes much deeper than my appearance. The more I see this in myself, the more others can see it in me and in themselves. The more we see this, the more we cherish and respect all life.
  48. I believe money is an exchange medium; I have a lot of money; therefore, I have created a lot of value; other people exchange their money to receive the value I created.
  49. I believe I move easily, comfortably, gracefully and confidently.
  50. I believe that all of this is so whether I believe it or not.


And so it is.