Session with Barbara

Writers know that after writing the first and other drafts the task is to revise and then to edit.

Revise is when the final draft is made ready for others to view. Revise is the stage when:

  • information can be added or subtracted
  • sequence of events can be changed
  •  characters can be enhanced
  • starting points and endings can be change
  • the piece is made longer, or shorter
  • the point of view can be changed
  • and, sometimes, the intended audience is changed.

The revision stage is the hardest step in completing a writing project. Revision is when the opinions and suggestions from others is helpful.

Edit is when grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling is checked.

Of these two steps–revision and edit, revision is the most difficult and the most important. Revision is the step I help with.

I will read your work and make suggestions using the seven points listed above as my guide. I will also make some editing suggestions.

The work emailed to me must be Garamond front, size 16, double spaced, one inch margins on all sides.

I charge a dollar per page. My minimum is 20 pages. This means that I will revise a 10 page document and the charge is twenty dollars US.  The maximum document I will revise is 100 pages. The charge for a 100 page document is one hundred dollars US.

Email me at for further information and to discuss your project. I reserve the right to reject any work that goes against my moral code.

After I accept your project to revise, send payment here: