Session with Barbara

In all my talks and writings, I constantly teach how to use the energetic tools of expecting, believing, feeling and doing as well as the spiritual tools of love and law to solve problems. By problems I means the challenges, circumstances and situations of an individual’s life that are unwanted and unwelcomed.

I teach how to use the tool of visualization which means that we give our mind a detailed blue print of what we want to bring forth.  I teach how to use Lofty Questions;  I teach about the Chakras.  Most of my blogs and talks contain information about Universal Laws and about love.

I have written books such as Success Beliefs, the beginning of everything that teach the tools of problem-solving.

However, sometimes, no matter how detailed our visualization, no matter how well we use the tools of making (expecting, believing, feeling and doing); no matter how excellently we obey Universal laws, we can’t solve the problem. We can’t bring the  idea we have in mind into physical form. The problem persists.

When we have done all that we can do, we get help.

I work with individuals in private sessions to help them apply energetic and spiritual tools to a specific, personal situation. I use a system that was channeled from Source to look at the hidden causes of this situation and eliminate these causes so that there is room for good to appear. After our session, I will email expectation, belief, feeling and action suggestions that will help the good to appear. I will email five or more suggestions in each category.

To make an appointment, follow these steps:

Step 1: The charge is $65.00 (US) for a two-hour session.

Use this link to pay:

Step 2: Send an email to to arrange day and time.

Everyone needs help from time to time. Give yourself the gift of getting help applying energetic and spiritual tools to your situation.

Hugs and blessings,