Session with Barbara

In all my talks and writings, I teach information about the mind and how to use it.   I, also, teach how to use the energetic tools of thinking, expecting, believing, feeling and doing as well as the spiritual tools of love and spiritual law to solve problems.

By problems I means the challenges, circumstances and situations of an individual’s life that are unwanted and unwelcomed.

I, also, mean to decide what you want and then tell your computer/mind.

The problem is that combining all of this information into a working solution can be difficult.

People come to me to because they want to know:

  1. exactly what thoughts will solve this
  2. exactly which spiritual law do I apply to this situation
  3. exactly what should I believe
  4. exactly what should I feel
  5. exactly what is the instruction to give to my computer/mind so that it will know what I want.

I work with individuals in private sessions to help them determine how to use the mind to solve their particular unwanted situation or circumstance or how to tell the mind what they want.

To make an appointment, follow these steps:

Step 1: The charge is $65.00 (US) for a one hour session.

Use this link to pay:

Step 2: Send an email to to arrange day and time. Place “appointment” in the subject field.

Everyone needs help from time to time. Give yourself the gift of understanding the mind and how to use it in your situation.

Hugs and blessings,