Lofty Questions

Lofty Questions, for the majority of us, are a new kind of question. They are a new idea.

They are the kind of question that leads to transformation, that can transform us from sickness into health, from poverty into wealth, from unhappiness to happiness. In other words, lofty questions, sometimes called spiritual questions, can take us from the unwanted to the wanted.

Instead of asking “Why are the American people so sick” we ask “How is it that the American people are the healthiest, the strongest, and the fittest on the planet?”

Instead of asking, “Why am I so sick”, we ask, “How is it that I am healthy, strong and fit?”

Instead of asking, “How can I change sickness to health”, we ask “How is it that I know how to produce and maintain health and fitness?”

These Lofty Questions cause our mind to find answers that bring about health; the other kind of questions, the kind we normally ask, cause our mind to find answers about sickness.

We don’t want to know why we are sick; we want to know why we are healthy, strong and fit.

Do you hear the difference in these types of questions? Do you feel the difference? Lofty Questions begin with “How is it that” and end with whatever the desire is.

One set of questions lifts us up; the other pulls us down. One set moves us to health and fitness, the other to disease and weakness.

Lofty Questions can be made for any aspect of life: emotional, financial, relationships, career/work, etc.

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