Passing exams

April 11, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Exam season is almost here.

Start now to prepare.

Talk to your mind and say:

I am enough.

I am perfectly calm and relaxed.

I have a perfect memory.

I remember everything I’ve ever read.

I remember everything I’ve ever heard.

My mind is like Google. Answers flow into my mind.

I have perfect retention, recall, comprehension and assimilation.

My memory bank continuously expands.

What I concentrate on expands in my mind.

The answers are in my mind; the answers easily make themselves known to me.

I am certain that I know the answers. I am certain that I ace every test I take.

I always rank in the upper ten percent of any group to which I belong and any test I take.

Thank you, my mind. Thank you for knowing that all of the above is so for me. Thank you for making this my reality.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara

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