Cure vs Heal

Cure vs Heal

Sept. 12, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This website is dedicated to explaining techniques for the healing of the self by the self. Know that once something has entered your energy field, it takes a team to remove it.

This team includes Western medicine, Eastern medicine, alternative medicine, ancient medicine, Spirit and you.

The “you” part is why this blog exists: to help you do your part.

Defining ‘cure’ and ‘heal’

‘Cure’ means to eliminate a physical disease condition.

‘Heal’ means to have an emotional and/or spiritual recovery.

What we want is both a cure and a healing. We want physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and wholeness.

Responsibility of the Healer

Anyone who steps on the path of being a healer—it doesn’t matter if the goal is to heal oneself or to heal oneself and others—it doesn’t matter if it’s a study of Western or Eastern or alternative or ancient healing—discovers the same truth: there’s a lot more to the work of healing than meets the eye.

It’s easy when a healer fails to achieve a cure or a healing to blame the one to be healed as not being ready, or on some agreement made before coming to Earth, or some form of destiny.

Instead of blaming or explaining, both the healer and the one to be healed must strengthen their connection to Source. Do this by meditation, prayer and practicing whatever sacred rituals seem right.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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