Rain, Flood, Drought

June 9, 2019

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I believe that these Teachings of Mind and How to Use It are useless unless they are used to help with every day problems and desires.

So, my area has been in Level 1 Drought. About ten years ago, we were in full drought. I recall how awful that was, so, as soon as the signs signaled that a drought was occurring I talked to my mind.

This is what I said,

“Mind, I am grateful for this slow rain, a rain that falls gently, giving everything a good bath and a good drink.

I am grateful that this rain falls until the drought is ended.

I am grateful that this kind of rain falls at least once a week, sometimes twice a week, always falling softly and gently, always giving everything a good bath and a good drink, always leaving some extra water to replenish the water tables.

Rain, I am grateful for you. I am grateful that you fall gently and give everything a good bath and a good drink. I am grateful that you show up at least once a week. You, rain, you are loved, appreciated and valued.  You are wanted.

Wind, you gently bring the rain. You are gentle, never going above 16 miles per hour. Thank you, Wind. You are loved, appreciated and valued.

Mind, I know you speak these words to the rain and the wind.

Thank you Mind for bringing this forth.”

I speak these words to my Mind several times a day.

At first, nothing happened. After all, there are the Universal Laws of Weather.

I kept talking to my mind about how I wanted this rain to be.

As a result, we have a nice, slow, gentle rain and I am grateful.

Try this. Let me know how this works for you.(spreadlight@bellsouth.net)



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