I used to be a licensed practitioner with  Religious Science International and then with the United Churches of Religious Science. These are now known as Centers for Spiritual Living.

I am no longer with any of these organizations. I left because I wasn’t satisfied with the number of people who were being helped.

Many people call those who belong to these organizations “airy-fairy nonsense thinkers”.  Those who say this do not understand how to use their very own, personal mind. The fact is most of us don’t.

I am called to teach “Your Mind and How to Use It”.


Our mind has its own set of rules.

Rule One: each of has our very own personal computer. We call it our mind. It is always with us, always has been, always will be.

Rule Two: each of us is the boss, the programmer of our own computer/mind. We decide what goes in. As someone once explained: garbage in, garbage out; substance in, substance out.

Rule Three: our mind has to do what we tell it to do. We are its boss; it is our employee. However, our mind wants to be instructed or told what is needed in certain ways.

Rule Four: each of us decides the results we want to show up in our life. We instruct our computer/mind to  bring our desire forth.

If you will accept these first four rules as truth, then this is the site for you and I am your teacher.

I will teach you what to say to your mind so that it will know what to bring forth for you.

For personal instruction, go here.

For do-it-yourself instruction, read each of my blogs. Do what they tell you to do.

I am an awesome, amazing teacher. I love, love, love all of my students: the online ones, the Zoom ones, the workshop ones as well as the face-to-face ones. Each of my students has fun, is relaxed and learns lots in my classes.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara