Remember this first

Nov. 26, 2018

Hi everyone,

The one thing to always remember first:

At our core, we are love

We came from love; we are love; we will return to love.

Love does not harm itself.

You do not harm yourself.

I cannot harm me.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Messy Business

Nov. 12, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Healing is a messy business.

We’ve been lead to believe that when healing and miracles occur, angels sing, the heavenly choir performs, there’s flashing lights and everything is great.

Healing is a messy business. There’s the clearing out to do and the bringing in. There’s forgiveness to do or not do. There’s changes to make.

It all times time and patience and hard work.

Many take one look at all that must be done and say “No, don’t think so.”

The choice we all must make is: face the mess, clean it up; or, face the mess and remain as is.

Choose you this day knowing that healing is a messy business, but well worth cleaning up the mess to achieve.



Speaking Oct. 21

Oct. 19, 2018
Hello Everyone,
I will be speaking at the Center for Spiritual Living, Douglasville, GA this coming Sunday, Oct. 21. starting at 11 am.

I recently attended a workshop for TESOL (teachers of English to speakers of other languages) for those of us who specialize in the teaching of English to young children on line.

The workshop taught Intentional Creativity principles. I will be teaching those principles.




Who are you being?

Aug. 1, 2018

Hi Everyone,

At the moment, who are you being?

The creative one?  The sad one?  The enthusiastic one? The powerful one? The know it all? The cheerleader? The confused one? The tired one? The reluctant, hesitating one? The escape artist? The bold one? The silent one? The tolerant one? The hateful one? Etc.

Are you being solitary? Social? Colorful? Plain? Etc.

 Who would you like to be?

The intuitive? The successful one? The one who is strong? Playful? Sensible? Doubtful? Grateful? Beautiful?

The compassionate one? The empath? The genius? The cheerful one? The observant one? The bully? The fighter?

Be who you would like to be.

Be gentle with yourself. Love you. Love who you would be.


Speak. Expect. Believe. Feel. Do. Be.




On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


Law of Expectations

July 15, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Having a problem that keeps showing up?

Put the Law of Expectations to use.

The Law of Expectation states that what you expect to happen … Will

It doesn’t matter if we expect a negative thing or a positive thing, whatever we expect will come to be.

I encourage each of you to examine your expectations about any situation that is troubling you, to make negative expectations into positive ones, put all of this in writing and repeat these now positive expectations out loud. Often.

For example:

I expect to benefit from all situations in my life.

I expect this situation to be handled in a fair, ethical, moral and legal manner.

I expect this situation is resolved right here and now.

I expect this situation to be resolved so that the highest good of all is satisfied.

And so it is.



On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia




Solution for Drug/Gang/Elder Poverty

May 31, 2018

Hi Everyone,

In the early 1970’s, I taught third grade at Easton Elementary School which is near Morgantown, WV, the home of West Virginia University. Easton served a blue-collar, rural area. It was a Title 1 (poverty) school.

Along came MacMillian Publishers. For one year, they sponsored a tutoring program at Easton. The tutors were moms and other interested persons from the community. MacMillian provided training for these moms, materials and an on-site trainer. Students were tutored individually and in small-groups daily.


At the end of that school year, according to national tests, each of my students gained a year or more in achievement. That means that if a student entered my class reading at a first-grade level, he left reading at a second-grade level.

The fact is that every student left my class for grade four reading at a third-grade level or higher.  This was so for all areas including math. No student left third grade scoring below grade three in any area of learning.

The tutoring paid off. The extra attention, the extra teaching, the having an extra person rooting for them made this happen.


So. In view of the drug crisis, the neighborhood and school violence crisis and the elder poverty crisis, I suggest that every child in America receive daily tutoring.

That’s every child: poverty, wealthy, rural, inner-city, public school, private school, conservative, liberal.  Every child.

One-to-one tutoring gives every child someone in their corner, someone who not only listens and teaches, but who, also, observes, takes note, gives help or finds help for the student.

Consider that if someone had observed certain needs of certain individuals, the school shootings might not have happened.

Consider that if someone had given encouragement, hope and direction, certain individuals might not have taken drugs or joined gangs.

Consider that if someone helps lift someone up, helps them stand and then stand alone, individuals might see alternatives to gangs and violence.

Who Tutors

There are many retired teachers who would love to work with children but who no longer desire to manage a classroom. There are many retirees who would welcome the chance to increase their income and do good.

Remember that MacMillian trained the moms and interested people in the neighborhood. These folks didn’t have college degrees. They had a desire to help their kid and the other children in the neighborhood.

Providing a one-to-one daily tutor for each child could be a major piece of the solution for ending drug, gang and violence in our schools and neighborhoods.

It is certainly a way to end elder poverty. Grandmothers,  grandfathers and other retired persons would be perfect tutors.

Healing Happens

There is a national call to end the drug/gang/elder poverty crisis in our nation. A healing is needed.

Healing does not happen unless there is a vision, a why and a how.

The vision is each child in American receiving daily, one-to-one tutoring so that learning is enhanced and problems spotted and resolved.

The why is to end the drug/gang/elder poverty crisis.

The how is to employ retired folks, trained them to tutor, observe and problem-solve and then assign them as tutors to the students. Some of the student problems a trained tutor could spot and help solve are rejection and loneliness or homelessness and hunger or fear of bullies and gangs.

The details are left to each of you who sees that daily, one-to-one tutoring for every child is a viable, workable piece needed to help our schools and communities become safe, peaceful, fun and productive places.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

And so it is.

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Not Being Chosen

May 20, 2018

Hi Everyone,

For the past several months, I’ve been dealing with a negative occurrence. I didn’t have a name for it.

Then this morning the name came to me. I’ve been dealing with Not Being Chosen.

Another name for this is Rejection or Not Being Selected.

Not Being Chosen fits current events in my life.

The event that brought all this up and the one I have demanded help with is a new job.

This job is the perfect one for me; it is exactly what I asked the Universe to give me except for one massive detail.

In order to do the job, the customers of this employer have to choose me. Most of the time, I am not chosen.

Since I am excellent at this job and since it is so perfect for me, I have been confused about the rejection until I realized that not being chosen has occurred in my life since early childhood.

This Not Being Chosen has probably occurred in many lifetimes.

I suspect that many of you suffer from Not Being Chosen. It’s time to heal this and delete it from our life. Starting now.

Spiritual Healing
I decided that Not Being Chosen and Rejection had to be deleted from my life across all time, space, dimensions and realities.

So I did the spiritual healing I describe in my Ask the Angels Coaching blog for May 20, 2018. Find it here.

Energetic Healing
The spiritual healing is a necessary step in removing Not Being Chosen from my life forever.

However, so is energetic healing.

There are two techniques that I constantly use.

Belief Technique
One is described in my book Success Beliefs. Get a copy here.

For example, I say:

I believe I am chosen for what and whenever I so choose.

I believe my work is selected as the best solution, as the best choice.

I believe I am the first choice in all situations where my talents, gifts, experiences, wisdom, skills and education would bring about the highest and best for me and all others involved in the circumstance or situation.

I believe I have 14 or more paying students each week.

I believe I do a fantastic job of teaching and making learning fun.

I believe I am the obvious choice.

I repeat these several times a day.

Mind Talk
I talk to my mind. I say:


I have chosen to be chosen for my teaching skills. I feel great about this.

I have chosen to be selected as the perfect teacher for students. I feel great about this.

I have chosen to have 14 or more students each week. I feel fabulous about this.

I have chosen to be selected for what and when I so choose. I feel fantastic about this.


I am grateful that this is so.

I, also, repeat this several times a day.

Any time I feel panic or frustration about not being chosen, I immediately do the spiritual healing as well as these two energetic methods.

The important thing is to raise my mind and my emotions from panic and frustration to the levels of success which in this case means acceptance, being chosen and being selected.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia