New Year’s Eve Plan

Dec. 31, 2019Hi Everyone,

It’s New Year’s Eve 2019, the ideal day to decide the fate of 2020.

The easiest way to do this is make a vision board.

Use plenty of pictures and words, plenty of color, plenty of symbols and shapes. The mind needs all of these to understand your choices, to understand what to bring forth for you.

Mind is waiting to learn your choices, your decisions for 2020. Only then will it know what to do and actually bring forth for you.

Decide that 2020 will be one of community, celebration and possibilities.

Decide that 2020 will be one of wellness, wholeness and lots of possibilities for growth.

Decide that 2020 will be one of working with our planet and the life forms that dwell here.

Decide if you will be at the mercy of Wall Street or will you create your own Wall Street, one that serves you, your family and community.

Decide if you will be at the mercy of the Health Care System or will you create you own health system and be well, strong and full of energy.

There are lots of decisions to make.  Spend this entire day and tomorrow, New Year’s Day, making them.


Teacher Barbara

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Foot Pain

June 21, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have had foot problems for years now. Today, I finally heard myself: “I just can’t stand this.”

Of course, my mind heard me. God only knows how many times I’ve said this: quietly, out loud, in anger, in frustration.

So. My mind hears every word I say and every word I think and every word I hear.

How many times have I heard someone else say, “I just can’t stand this.” God only knows.

So. My mind gives me what it thinks I want. Listening to me, the mind thinks I don’t want to stand so the mind gives me foot problems.

Now that I know that I am powerful because I can change the present and the future by changing my words, I decide to change my words.

So. Now I say, “I can cope with anything. I am an excellent coper. I know how to relax and destress. I can handle anything. My body creates wellness, strength and beauty. I have excellent coping skills. I have excellent wellness, strength and beauty in every area of my body and my life.”

So. Listen to what you say to and about you. This is hard. We are so used to saying and hearing what we say and what we hear.

Before going to sleep, ask, “Mind, reveal to me what I’m doing to bring about this unwanted condition.”



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Rain, Flood, Drought

June 9, 2019

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I believe that these Teachings of Mind and How to Use It are useless unless they are used to help with every day problems and desires.

So, my area has been in Level 1 Drought. About ten years ago, we were in full drought. I recall how awful that was, so, as soon as the signs signaled that a drought was occurring I talked to my mind.

This is what I said,

“Mind, I am grateful for this slow rain, a rain that falls gently, giving everything a good bath and a good drink.

I am grateful that this rain falls until the drought is ended.

I am grateful that this kind of rain falls at least once a week, sometimes twice a week, always falling softly and gently, always giving everything a good bath and a good drink, always leaving some extra water to replenish the water tables.

Rain, I am grateful for you. I am grateful that you fall gently and give everything a good bath and a good drink. I am grateful that you show up at least once a week. You, rain, you are loved, appreciated and valued.  You are wanted.

Wind, you gently bring the rain. You are gentle, never going above 16 miles per hour. Thank you, Wind. You are loved, appreciated and valued.

Mind, I know you speak these words to the rain and the wind.

Thank you Mind for bringing this forth.”

I speak these words to my Mind several times a day.

At first, nothing happened. After all, there are the Universal Laws of Weather.

I kept talking to my mind about how I wanted this rain to be.

As a result, we have a nice, slow, gentle rain and I am grateful.

Try this. Let me know how this works for you.(



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The Trinity

April 19, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of us are familiar with the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Many people speak of the Trinity at this time of year.

However, there is another Trinity, the Human Trinity.

Please consider and think about the following:

Many of us struggle with being sovereign and a part of the Human Collective and some piece of the Universe. It’s a lot to take in.

Take time to study this chart, take it in and know: each of us belongs to the collective, is some piece of God and, the most important truth of all, each of us is  sovereign, independent, self-governing, and automous.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara

Passing exams

April 11, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Exam season is almost here.

Start now to prepare.

Talk to your mind and say:

I am enough.

I am perfectly calm and relaxed.

I have a perfect memory.

I remember everything I’ve ever read.

I remember everything I’ve ever heard.

My mind is like Google. Answers flow into my mind.

I have perfect retention, recall, comprehension and assimilation.

My memory bank continuously expands.

What I concentrate on expands in my mind.

The answers are in my mind; the answers easily make themselves known to me.

I am certain that I know the answers. I am certain that I ace every test I take.

I always rank in the upper ten percent of any group to which I belong and any test I take.

Thank you, my mind. Thank you for knowing that all of the above is so for me. Thank you for making this my reality.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara

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Abusive students/clients/customers/employers/friends/family

April 6, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know that I teach young children via the Net as well as older folks. I teach children English.

I have several students who are abusive and mean.

Yes. You read right. These children are abusive and mean to me, their teacher. I suspect they, also, are bully’s to other adults and children.

It is time we take a good look and admit that not all children are sweet, loving persons.

Yesterday, I reached my breaking point with children who are uncooperative, who deliberately make with their mouth or hands or objects loud noises or who fiddle with their video feed so that I think something is wrong with the Net or my system.

Like many of you, I know that going to a boss or manager or employer or principal or parent for help is a waste of time.


When I worked in American public schools and asked for help with students who were destroying the classroom or who were bully’s, I was always told that it was the teacher’s fault or the teacher’s problem.

Stop Abuse

It is time that the workers and doers of this world stopped putting up with abuse. No matter the form of the abuse.

Low pay is abuse. Long hours are abuse. Being expected to work without being paid is abuse.

Putting up with mean-spirited clients/customers/students/employers/co-workers is abuse.

So. What to do?


I remembered that it doesn’t matter what I feel or believe or think. What matters is what I say to my mind. What matters is the words I speak and think that my mind hears and reads.

I went to my mind. This is what I said:

“Hello my mind, the mind that belongs to me, the mind that was given to me to use to bring about my good,

Mind, I thank you.

Wow! All of my students joyously and eagerly come to my classroom. They are happy to receive a lesson from me.

They are relaxed and at ease because they trust me to teach them in a kind, loving, productive way.

They cooperate with me. They do what I say when I tell them to do something. They willingly participate in the activities of the lesson.

They know that I am an amazing, awesome teacher. They know they are privileged to be in my classroom and to be one of my students.

They love, love, love me and I love, love, love them.

They quickly learn the lesson. They have fun. They enjoy the activities.

They willingly pay me. They pay me an amount that makes me very happy and makes me feel very wealthy.

Thank you, my mind. Thank you for making this a reality in my experience.

I love you, mind. I love my students. I love me. I love what I do and who I am. I love, love, love me enough to refuse to experience abuse of any kind.

And so it is.”

If you deal with the public as a worker/doer such as a hairdresser or waitress or mechanic or sales person or counselor or minister or boss or manager or worker/doer in any industry, I invite you to take what I said to my mind, make changes like changing the word student to client or customer and say these words to your mind.

It is time we stopped thinking we have to take abuse.

It is time we told our mind who and what our ideal student/client/customer/employer is.

The words about our ideal student/client/customer/employer/co-worker/family member/friend must be said many times each day.

Consult the Time Table for the Mind. Results begin to show up in 21 days or less. Permanent, long-lasting results show up in 40 days.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara


Your words are interpreted

March 15, 2019

Hi Everyone,

The question is “Why does a certain group in the United States feel ignored?”

The answer is “Mind, our personal mind and the Great Mind, gives us what it thinks we want.”  It listens to what we say and think; it sees what we see; it determines what we want from these actions.

Most of the people who say they are ignored are the ones who say and think “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps”, mind heard “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps means my human wants to achieve on their own, without assistance.”

Mind then proceeded to make certain you got what you wanted: making it on your own. No government assistance. No family help. No friend help. No corporate help.

Yes. You feel ignored because you are ignored. After all, you said and thought that everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps. Mind gave you what it believed you wanted.

So. Why are you complaining? Why are you saying no one helps you? Why are you feeling ignored by politicians?

Didn’t you say “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps?”

Oh. I get it. By everyone, you meant those people, those people over there.

Not you. You, of course, wanted help; everyone else should pull themselves up; get what they want without help.

All of us know that no one makes it on their own. All of us need, want and, if we are smart, accept and give help.

Instead of saying and thinking “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps” say:

“Everyone has boots and straps that are strong, flexible and able to bear weight. Everyone has the exact pair of boots and straps required for rising up and expanding in the directions of their choice.

Everyone, including me, gets support, encouragement and help. Everyone, including me, is supportive, encouraging and helpful.

I don’t make it on my own. I make it with help from all people everywhere. I give help to all people everywhere.

Mind, I open to receive help; I open to give help. I receive help for all my projects. I receive help from politicians, the government, corporations, friends and family.

I rejoice when I receive help. I rejoice when others receive help.

And so it is.



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