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                                                    Extensive help given to IELTS test takers

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My name is Teacher Barb, an American teacher/tutor.  My accent is North American.

Who I help:


  • Masters in Education
  • TESOL (teacher of English to speakers of other languages)
  • IELTS Speaking Teacher Training
  • 20 plus years in the classroom experience
  • 5 years teaching English online, globally
  • Former VIPKid teacher



I have taught in public and private schools in the United States for over 20 years.

Currently, I do the work of global, online teacher of English to native English speakers and second language learners.


                 In my classes, all of my students have fun, are relaxed, and learn lots.

Basic Information

All of my classes are one-on-one, online, and interactive. Teacher and students engage and learn together.

Each class is 25 minutes long. My classes are individualized to meet the needs of each student.


Available Classes

Spread Light English Fundamentals class

This class is for 9 to 13 year old’s who are learning English and for adults who are reviewing the fundamentals of English. All lessons are one-on-one. My curriculum is tailored to each student’s level and learning needs.




Spread Light Conversations class

 In this class, we talk!
This is the perfect class for those who want to maintain and expand their English-speaking skills. It is also excellent preparation for taking the IELTS or TOELF tests.


Spread Light IELTS Speaking Test Prep

In this class, we will practice part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the speaking section of the IELTS test. Of course, these are not the questions used on the actual test, but they are very similar. I will also give tips on what the examiner will want to hear during that test.



Price Information

Low cost 15 minute $8 USD trial lesson before you decide

Global Package
Global Package of 10 lessons, each lesson is 25 minutes
$20 USD per lesson or $200 for each Global Package of 10 lessons


Great Package

Great Package of 25 lessons, each lesson is 25 minutes

$18 USD per lesson or $450 for each Great Package of 25 lessons




Refer a friend who pays for a package, and I will give YOU 2 free lessons from any of my classes

Write me at spreadlight@bellsouth.net to set up a zoom call for us to meet each other and make arrangements to take the trial lesson.

The test-before-you invest is a low cost 15 minute $8 USD trial lesson;


My students are from all over our planet: the US, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.

from Brazil
“Tutor Barbara is an excellent tutor. She is calm, attentive, helps in correcting the pronunciation. She is super interested in guiding me to drive correctly–at 46, I am getting my first driver’s license. She does an excellent job helping me to raise my level in English. I recommend her.”
Amy, 9 years old
from China
“Barbara is a wonderful teacher! I like to talk with her, and I especially like it when she guides my writing! She helped me write about my wonderful, new toy.”
from Finland
“This was the best class I’ve ever had. I was very depressed when I went to Teacher Barb’s class. By the end of the class, I felt very calm and peaceful. I knew that I had improved my English and would continue to improve.”
from Italy
Teacher Barb is an excellent teacher. She is very easy to talk with. She politely pushes me to talk, to take part in the conversation. Our conversations are always useful and pleasant. She has a vast knowledge of many subjects and willingly shares what she knows.

Contact Me

Write me at spreadlight@bellsouth.net to set up a zoom call for us to meet each other and make arrangements to take the trial lesson and then the others.

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