Your words are interpreted

March 15, 2019

Hi Everyone,

The question is “Why does a certain group in the United States feel ignored?”

The answer is “Mind, our personal mind and the Great Mind, gives us what it thinks we want.”  It listens to what we say and think; it sees what we see; it determines what we want from these actions.

Most of the people who say they are ignored are the ones who say and think “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps”, mind heard “Everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps means my human wants to achieve on their own, without assistance.”

Mind then proceeded to make certain you got what you wanted: making it on your own. No government assistance. No family help. No friend help. No corporate help.

Yes. You feel ignored because you are ignored. After all, you said and thought that everyone should pull themselves up by their boot straps. Mind gave you what it believed you wanted.

So. Why are you complaining? Why are you saying no one helps you? Why are you feeling ignored by politicians?

Didn’t you say “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps?”

Oh. I get it. By everyone, you meant those people, those people over there.

Not you. You, of course, wanted help; everyone else should pull themselves up; get what they want without help.

All of us know that no one makes it on their own. All of us need, want and, if we are smart, accept and give help.

Instead of saying and thinking “Everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps” say:

“Everyone has boots and straps that are strong, flexible and able to bear weight. Everyone has the exact pair of boots and straps required for rising up and expanding in the directions of their choice.

Everyone, including me, gets support, encouragement and help. Everyone, including me, is supportive, encouraging and helpful.

I don’t make it on my own. I make it with help from all people everywhere. I give help to all people everywhere.

Mind, I open to receive help; I open to give help. I receive help for all my projects. I receive help from politicians, the government, corporations, friends and family.

I rejoice when I receive help. I rejoice when others receive help.

And so it is.



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Repeat what you want

March 3, 2019

Hi Everyone,

So. The mind learns by repeating. It repeats what you give it to repeat.

For example, if you say many times a day or think many times a day “I am sick” you are teaching your mind that you are sick. It will create what you say.

“I am sick” becomes a reality.

So. Repeat what you want “I am well. I practice wellness.” Repeat it, think it often.

Consider the time table I explained a couple of blogs ago and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Want money? Then say, repeat and think: “I have the amount of money that makes me happy and whole.”  Often. Often. Often.

Do not mention an amount. I know this goes against everything most of us have been taught. Do it anyway. “An amount that makes me happy and whole.”

“I am well. I practice wellness. I have the amount of money that makes me happy and whole. I am financially well.”

And so it is.

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Your Reaction Counts the Most

Feb. 14, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I wish someone had told me this several years ago:

Don’t get upset with people and situations because both are powerless without your reaction.

Wow! Another reminder that we are more powerful than we have been allowed to know.

Don’t let the unwanted in.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara

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The Mind/Brain’s Time Table

Feb. 11, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Some teachers say that we only need to repeat a new idea or sound or word or behavior once; and then, we have learned it or have changed something.

So. We do. We repeat the affirmation or statement of truth or instructions to our mind/brain once and then wonder why we get few if any results.

The Mind/Brain’s Time Table

This is the time table the mind/brains follows as you repeat the newness you have selected:

  1. Day Ten: the mind/brain becomes aware that you, its human, is communicating with it.
  2. Day Fourteen: the mind/brain wakes up and says, “Oh. My human wants to learn or change something.”
  3. Day Twenty-one: the mind/brain accepts the learning or change.
  4. Day Forty: the mind/brain begins to make permanent the learning or change you have selected.
  5. Day Forty Plus: the mind/brain, over time, will make the learning or change you selected permanent.


Why is this so? This is so because the mind/brain learns by repeating. Repeating means to do something over and over and over again. One time won’t do it.

If you really want to learn something or change something, you must repeat that newness over and over and over again.

Yes. There are those who are instant learners or instant changers. Most of us don’t have this ability.

So stop beating yourself up because you need time and must make an effort to bring about a change.

Simply do the necessary repeating. Praise yourself for being willing and able to do the required work. Praise your mind/brain for working with you to make the newness you have selected permanent.

And so it is.

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Teacher Barbara










The Gift

Jan. 27, 2019

Hi Everyone,

At out creation, each of us was given a fabulous, priceless gift, the gift of our mind/brain.

The mind/brain is our personal computer. It has been, is and will be with us always.

It’s job is to cause us to survive and to give us whatever we ask.

It is our job to tell it what we want clearly, specifically, with as many details as possible.

It is our job to listen hard, listen deep and be aware of what our mind/brain is saying.

For most of us, those who have been taught the opposite of this, these words are difficult to accept.

Sit with these words and their meaning for awhile.  They have the potential to improve the way you live, think and act.


Teacher Barbara

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Law of Control

Jan. 21, 2019
Hi Everyone,

The Law of Control states that the only thing we control is what we say about our self, think about our self, and speak about our self, therefore, we carefully choose the pictures we view, the pictures we create with words and the words we say to our self.

We cannot control the media, other people, politics or the weather.

In other words, we can control our own thinking. We can say: “I am a good person. I am a kind person. I am an intelligent person. I am a loveable person. I am a beautiful, strong, happy, healthy, successful person.”

When we fill our self with good thoughts about our self, there is no room for junk thoughts.

We can stop watching automobile accidents, stop watching ads that tell us how sick we could be or that we are falling and can’t get up. We can stop listening to stories of betrayal, deceit and dishonor.

We can fill our mind with pictures of people driving safely and sanely; of strong, healthy, beautiful bodies; and, of people being kind and generous.

We can tell our mind that we are safe, sane, strong, healthy, beautiful, kind and generous. We say this often enough and the mind will do its job of bringing us forth as safe, sane, strong, healthy, beautiful, kind and generous humans.

And so it is.

Teacher Barbara
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