Spoken Words; Our Most Powerful Tool

Yes. The photo is me, Teacher Barb, doing one of the things I love: reading a story and working with my favorite puppet, Archy.

Archy and I are natives of the United States.  Our accents are United States accents.

My name is Teacher Barb and I help young people increase the number of words in their English word lists and to confidently use those words in everyday conversation. I am an online teacher of conversational English. I work on the Out School platform. I mainly work with young people who are learning English as a second language.

I do this because spoken words are our most powerful tool. I help young people use this tool competently and confidently.

Out School

Out School is an online platform that offers a variety of classes for young people.

Out School does a background check on all its teachers; I passed that background check.

Out School goes to extraordinary lengths to make its platform safe for teachers and students.

Major Problem of Second Language Learners

The major problem learners of a second language have is speaking the second language. These learner’s usually have few problems reading and writing the second language; it is in the speaking of it that the problems show up.


I help solve these problems by:

  1. helping 8-to-13-year-old learners of the English language increase the number of English words on their English Word List
  2. giving this age-group a safe place to have conversations in English.

In other words, the problem of not speaking is solved by speaking. I give English-language-learners a safe-from-criticism-place to practice speaking English.

English learners in this age group sign up for a class at


3. English learners not able or wanting to go with Out School send an email to bslucas@bellsouth.net to arrange a class. We can have a class on Zoom.

Learners Achieve

By taking my one-on-one, private tutoring class, students will improve :

  • Listening skills by listening for and hearing words, phrases, or short sentences based on common topics in daily life.
  • Speaking skills by saying words, phrases, and simple sentence patterns they hear. Learners speak in structured short conversations related to personal experience and subjects the teacher suggests.​​​​​​​

Of course, the more classes the learner takes, the more confidence and improvement in listening and speaking.

The best results are gotten when learners take one tutoring session per week and practice with the class-recording several times before the next class.

Students will also gain:

  • pride
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • and increased confidence.

Class Details

I teach one-to-one, twenty-five-minute lessons, on-line, private tutoring classes using the Out School platform.  I charge $25.00 US per class.

I use drawing as a teaching/learning tool. Please bring several sheets of plain white paper, several sharpened pencils and crayons to class.

To register for a class, go to:


or email me at bslucas@bellsouth.net

I am an experienced, professional, elementary and TESOL teacher (teacher of English to speakers of other languages) teacher.

Questions? Email using bslucas@bellsouth.net or Out School’s email.

I sometimes work with older people who want to improve their English conversational skills. Contact me at bslucas@ bellsouth.net.

See you in the class room!