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My name is Dr. Barb. Like many of you, in search of a life that works, I left my growing-up religion, found my way to a study of Universal Law and the Mind, eventually walked totally away from all spirituality and religion, and then, at the age of 77,  found myself in a season of change.

And then the answer came: I no longer wanted what I’ve been saying I want: money, status, recognition. I no longer wanted what I’ve been striving for most of my life.
This realization was like a bolt of lightning.  Brilliant in its simplicity.  Uncomplicated in its form. Straight to the point as it burned away the past and presented me with a breathtaking newness.
I now want joy, happiness, inner peace, and the by-products of these: freedom, time, creativity, health, satisfaction, and security.
I was shocked.  Not once in all my taking of classes about manifesting, business, spirituality was joy or happiness or inner peace listed as a goal, yet my longing for these was very real.
I know this is also true for you.
We were told so often that unless we earn so many dollars we are worthless that we believed it and put all of our time and energy into the money game.
Each of us has something–a work, usually our great work, what we were sent here to do–that we long to do.
But, we were told that unless this thing we want to do brings in so many dollars it is a bad idea se we put away our dreams and buried our longings.
I invite you to take your dreams out of hiding, to make your longing the center of your life.
I invite you to forget about wanting, needing and longing and instead concentrate on having.  Yes, having. Having, a magical word.

The Call Comes Again

When I was hit by the mythical lightning bolt, I knew that I was being told to return to Spirit and spiritual practices, what I had walked away from, what I wanted nothing to do with.
The verse from Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it – came to mind.
I remembered my first call: Spread Light, fade darkness.
I was willing to return to that purpose: spreading light, fading darkness.

The Return

I began my return by admitting that I didn’t want to return to the past. There were reasons I walked away from my growing-up religion; those reasons are still valid.

Maybe it is the same for you. You don’t want to return to the past either.

So. Don’t. Return to the past.

Let’s- you and I- go forward to joy, happiness and inner peace. Let’s do it by loving words, people, learning and talking.


I invite you to start where I started: by accepting and implementing the Five Must – Haves for a Spirit Filled Life. Get your free, digital, one-page copy here.

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