About Barbara

Barbara Lucas is known as Teacher Barb. She does the work of teacher, author, storyteller and artist.

She taught in traditional and Montessori classrooms for many years. Today, she teaches online only.

Both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in elementary education. She has had training in Montessori, High Scope and VIPKid curriculums and TESOL(teacher of English to speakers of other languages).

She has also studied storytelling, story writing, journaling, and using images and artist’s marks in writing.

Recently, she completed Intentional Creativity Coach training. Intentional Creativity is using art and language in a purposeful way to examine a question or problem.

Dr. Barb uses Intentional Creativity Coaching techniques in her speaking, journaling and art classes.

Her goal is for students to be relaxed, to have fun and to learn lots while learning to effectively communicate via the written and spoken word.

Her classes are structured according to the way people learn language: first we listen, then repeat, then speak independently, and then we write and read. 

She lives in the United States with her six cats and bountiful garden.

Her books are Put Hand to Plow, Ask the Angels, Paint Your Soul Colors, Success Beliefs, and All About Me 


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