About Dr. Barb

About Dr. Barb

Dr. Barb does the work of Creativity Coach and English as a Second Language Teacher.

Therefore, she uses color, artist’s marks, images, symbols, and words to convey messages that help individual’s have their best life.

She earned degrees and certifications from West Liberty State University (West Liberty, WV), West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV), Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, GA), Sedona University (Sedona, AR) and MUSEA Intentional Creativity.

She uses all her education and the skills gained from teaching in American public schools. as well as in Montessori, High Scope, and VIPKid classrooms to work with individuals online, one-on-one.

Her guiding principles are be kind, be honest, be helpful; and, make good use of the Universal Laws of Compensation and of Cause and Effect.

Discover more about her work at her websites: Barbara Lucas teaches, and, Color and Read Stories.

She lives in the United States with her rescue cats and bountiful garden.

Her books are Put Hand to Plow, Ask the Angels, Paint Your Soul Colors, Success Beliefs, and All About Me 

Her coloring books are Hey Mom! It’s raining, Wonderful, Glorious Shapes, and Hey Mom! It Snowed. Can I —-.


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