About Barbara

Barbara Lucas does the work of leading people to connect with Spirit and receive the information they need to gain bounty and wellness in all areas of life.

She is a highly intuitive, creative who encourages individuals to name where they are at the moment as well as where they want to be in any area of life.

She depends on her own connection with Spirit instead of her extensive formal and informal educations to do this.

Her formal education took place at West Liberty State University, West Virginia University and Sedona University. In those places, she earned degrees in education and spiritual counseling.

Her informal education is from living life. She has over seventy years of experiences in growth, work, and relationships. She has lived in many environments including coal mining villages, farming communities, inner city areas and wealthy subdivisions.  She has dealt with many issues and solved many problems.

Today, she is known as early childhood educator, organic backyard gardener, cat rescuer,  Ask the Angels coach and  prosperity teacher.

She has completed many trainings including Red Thread Guide Training and Intentional Creativity Coaching.

As Ask the Angels Coach and prosperity teacher, she uses the Legend of the Red Thread, her relationships with angels and her connection to Spirit to lead people to picture life as they want it to be and then bring forth that picture.

And so it is.

Her blogs are Ask the Angels Coaching and Barbara Lucas Teaches.

Her books are Put Hand to Plow, Ask the Angels, Paint Your Soul Colors, Success Beliefs, and All About Me 

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