About Barbara

Via her blogs, books and motivational talks, Barbara Lucas teaches about your mind and how to use it to bring more good into life.

She uses her passion for helping people, words and the mental sciences to spread light (knowledge) and fade darkness (problems).

She brings her ability to simplify complex concepts and her gift of delivering truthful messages at precisely the right time to her teachings and to her one-on-one private sessions with individuals.

She empowers individuals to improve the circumstances and situations of their life through the use of their own mind. Many think their mind controls them.  The truth is we control the mind. The mind does what we tell it to do via our thinking and our speaking.

When we have problems the first step in solving them is to examine our thinking and then monitor our speaking.

Her interest in problem-solving comes from growing up in an Appalachian area where the nearest doctor and other helpers including law enforcement could only be reached after traveling many, many miles along steep, curving mountain roads. The difficult journey didn’t really matter because most of the people in her growing-up community couldn’t afford the services of the good doctor or other helpers who charged fees even if the fee was very small.

She was determined to find a way for the people of her growing-up community and people in similar circumstances to be healthy in all ways including health in finances; and, when problems do occur, to solve those problems without traveling great distances or having to have huge sums of money.

Barbara Lucas believes that each of us has the power to live life to the fullest; that each of us can be healthy, wealthy and wise; and that each of us can prevent as well as solve problems.  She believes that each of us can problem-solve by choosing what to think, to believe, to feel, to expect and to do. We can, also, problem-solve by choosing to be and do love.

The truth is unless love and kindness are a major part of our solution, the solution won’t work. Unless love and kindness are a major part of our life, our life won’t work.

Barbara Lucas has earned degrees in education and spiritual counseling from West Liberty State University, West Virginia University, and Sedona University.

She added to her knowledge about problem-solving by earning certifications as an Inner Speak Creation Breakthrough Coach and a Chakra Wisdom Healer.

She has taught in public and private elementary schools as well as in prisons and colleges. Today, she teaches workshops about the mind and how to use it on-line and in small groups. She, also, meets with individuals in private sessions to help them understand the mind and use that understanding to improve a specific, personal situation.

Her workshop Make Room for More Good can be found on this site and is free to use. (Barbara Lucas Teaches.com)

Barbara Lucas is an ordained minister affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministries.

She lives in the United States in the state of Georgia with her six cats and gardens filled with native and historical plants.

On most Sundays, find her at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia, Douglasville, GA.

Her blogs are Ask the Angels Coaching and Barbara Lucas Teaches.

Her books are Put Hand to Plow, Ask the Angels, Paint Your Soul Colors, Success Beliefs, and All About Me 

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