Journal Entry: Casting One’s Net

Journal Entry: Casting One’s Net

Feb. 12, 2021                       My home, USA                            74

Dear Journal,

I have watched the TV viewing of the Second Impeachment Trial of Trump. I am surprised that everyone seems so surprised about the violence and the Jan. 6, 2021 attempt to destroy the Law and Order of these United States.

I remember being horrified during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign when fighting happened in his events that he didn’t immediately say, “This is a country of law and order. We settle our differences at the ballot box and in the courts”

No, he never said those words or even came close to saying them. In fact, he encouraged the fighting.

He lost my vote when he said that he loved war; he cemented that loss when he did the above.

I was shocked that so many people supported a man who loves war and shows it daily. He is always warring with someone.

It is as Dr. Phil says, “The best predictor of present and future behavior is past behavior.”

Trump showed us who he really is time after time. Jan. 6 should have been no surprise to anyone.


So, in a country that has survived and thrived because of its practice of law and order, how has this man been allowed to wreck the havoc that he has?

Fear seems to be the answer. So many people are terrified of him.

I do not fault the Republican Congress people who refuse to vote against him. He is someone I greatly fear simply because of the times when I felt my beingness being sucked into his beingness. I imagine that these Republican Congress people and others are completely under his control.

Red Alert

This experience has put me on red alert when I am around anyone because everyone has this power. Many of us don’t know we have this power; most of us don’t know how to use it; the majority would use this power to bring forth for the greater good.

Somehow, Trump, and those who are like him—advertisers, corporate people, religious leaders—, has learned to use his personal self to not simply draw people to him but to overwhelm and possess them.

Cast a Wide Net

This thing that he and other charismatic leaders do, this pulling people to them and possessing them, reminds me of the Christian teaching to cast a wide net. In other words, to include many people and things when on the hunt for something.

When I began my study of metaphysics, I was surprised to learn that this study has been known for centuries but kept secret.

It was kept secret because this knowledge given to people who do not have what Dr. Phil calls a moral compass creates Jan. 6, 2021 events and people who destroy the good.

It seems that to accomplish anything one must cast a wide net.  I am reluctant to do so.  I am extremely reluctant to be caught in someone else’s net.

Therefore, I will continue to be on high alert when around charismatic people and when around the rest of us.

I only want to be in nets of my choosing. I only want to cast nets and gather people who want wellness, prosperity, and peace.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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Journal Entry: the Chinese Long March

Journal Entry: the Chinese Long March

Feb. 9, 2021                       My home, USA                            74

Dear Journal,

I fell into a great depression Sunday, Feb. 7. I am okay now.

Finally, after many years of denying it, I am admitting that I have depression. This is a major victory for me. To live in honesty instead of denial is a good thing.

That’s when I began to think of the Long March.

Long March

I am thinking about the Chinese Long March. I think of it a little differently than historians write about it.

Historians say that this was a march by military communists. It began in 1934 to 1935. It was about 6,000 miles long. Supposedly, it was one army running from another.

I think of it as a march by a desperate people who were hoping for a better life. So they walked from one life into another.

Only the life they walked into wasn’t different. It was the same ole, same ole done by people with different names but the same motive: to gain power no matter the cost.


The stories from that march tell of ordinary people including families with young children walking everyday, doing without adequate food, water and rest. The stories tell of people who gave up and committed sucicide.

The stories tell of how they cherished the red flag and thought the people who carried it were friends and helpers. The stories tell how many times these people were betrayed.

They ran from one situation straight into the exact same situation. Stories from the after-the-march time tell of the same awful things continuing to happen.

So Journal, how do we, in this time and place, use the lessons of the Long March?

I realize that running to a place or time where I think the grass is greener is a mistake. If I do that and actually arrive in the greener-grass-place, I will soon find that it is the same ole, same ole just in a different place. 

I realize that depending on someone else to fix whatever problem I want fixed is another mistake. Depending on others often leads to betrayal.

And, yet, as Opral says, “No one makes it alone. Everyone needs help.”

And, as I have explained, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps is nonsense.”

Possible Solution

So maybe the solution is to find others who want to solve the same problem you do, join those people and work with them to problem solve.

Maybe the solution is to have many groups and each group focus on the solution to one problem and only one problem.

Maybe the solution is to find people in your geographic area who are committed to solving a certain problem rather than depending on groups formed on the internet or social media.

I say “geographic area” because I understand the elements of a problem in my area but may not understand the elements of the exact same problem as it exists in another area.

Journal, the only thing I know for certian is I’m not going to go to the greener-grass-place and I will continue to find solutions to the problems that trouble me with or without the help of others.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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Journal Entry 4: Stimulus Checks

Journal Entry 4: Stimulus Checks

Feb. 4, 2021                                    My House, USA                                   74

Hi Everyone,

Again, I am surprised that I am not writing anything about English skills. You see, I am preparing my next book, Set-Up to Journal, boldly. decisively, with integrity for publication.

I need to do what I preach in that book: write what’s on my mind as if I am having a conversation with myself, for myself and written by myself.


Finally, I realize that we, the American working class, are being played. I think psychological warfare is being done with us as the enemy. This on-again, off-again game of when the stimulus checks are going to be approved is crazy making.

I have no idea why we who keep this country, the USA, going, who have always kept this country going, should be so hated.

The actions of the Congress feel like hatred to me.

I have long suspected that the Democrats and the Republicans got together behind closed doors and decided stimulus checks would not be sent. I can hear the outcome of this meeting: “Republicans, you block it first; we Democrats will do so second. Then we will take turns blocking.”

Take a look. Isn’t this what appears to be happening?

Broken Promise

Last Fall, I became disgusted enough with the Congress that refused to keep the promise it made early summer 2020  about sending a second stimulus check that I am now a supporter of the Democratic Socialists.

Yes. I take seriously the Oath of Office I made years ago that said I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic . Yes, I am a supporter of representative democracy which is the definition of a republic which is what the USA really is.

However, I am over an economic system that does not serve all the people, that somehow allows certain groups to destroy the environment and the people.

And yes. Let’s admit it. Many of us suspect that these groups were the financial supporters of the Insurrection that occurred Jan. 6, 2021 in the US Capitol.

Government System vs Economic System

It’s very difficult to do, but it is possible to realize that a government system is not an economic system. This is difficult because these systems are so intertwined.

The problem with intertwining them is that the government system is used to protect and grow an economic system that is anything but equitable and democractic.

Even a brief examination of recent decades will show that this is so.

Strong Working Class

The truth is working class people should be so strong that stimulus checks aren’t needed.

However, change for working class people won’t happen until working class people change.

Yes. I know. This isn’t fair. The system should change, but this is now things come about: the people change and then the system changes.

Working class people have to figure out what to change so that it isn’t  targets for psychological warfare and a Congress that is clearly in the pockets of capitalists..

Think About This.

.Forensic psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee in a Scientific American article said something that supports my post on Mass Hypnois. She said, “When the mind is hijacked for the benefit of the abuser, —-.

I suspect that many our minds have been hijacked by politicians concerning stimulus checks, hijacked elections, the Chinese did it, and other concerns.

Brandy X. Lee says that the way to reclaim our minds is to pursue great mental health and to avoid anything or anyone who destroys that health.

So. Something else we have to understand and do: we have to know what great mental health is and then achieve it.

I’m willing to do this. Are you?

Be relaxed. Have fun. Learn lots.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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