Journal Entry 4: Stimulus Checks

Journal Entry 4: Stimulus Checks

Feb. 4, 2021                                    My House, USA                                   74

Hi Everyone,

Again, I am surprised that I am not writing anything about English skills. You see, I am preparing my next book, Set-Up to Journal, boldly. decisively, with integrity for publication.

I need to do what I preach in that book: write what’s on my mind as if I am having a conversation with myself, for myself and written by myself.


Finally, I realize that we, the American working class, are being played. I think psychological warfare is being done with us as the enemy. This on-again, off-again game of when the stimulus checks are going to be approved is crazy making.

I have no idea why we who keep this country, the USA, going, who have always kept this country going, should be so hated.

The actions of the Congress feel like hatred to me.

I have long suspected that the Democrats and the Republicans got together behind closed doors and decided stimulus checks would not be sent. I can hear the outcome of this meeting: “Republicans, you block it first; we Democrats will do so second. Then we will take turns blocking.”

Take a look. Isn’t this what appears to be happening?

Broken Promise

Last Fall, I became disgusted enough with the Congress that refused to keep the promise it made early summer 2020  about sending a second stimulus check that I am now a supporter of the Democratic Socialists.

Yes. I take seriously the Oath of Office I made years ago that said I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic . Yes, I am a supporter of representative democracy which is the definition of a republic which is what the USA really is.

However, I am over an economic system that does not serve all the people, that somehow allows certain groups to destroy the environment and the people.

And yes. Let’s admit it. Many of us suspect that these groups were the financial supporters of the Insurrection that occurred Jan. 6, 2021 in the US Capitol.

Government System vs Economic System

It’s very difficult to do, but it is possible to realize that a government system is not an economic system. This is difficult because these systems are so intertwined.

The problem with intertwining them is that the government system is used to protect and grow an economic system that is anything but equitable and democractic.

Even a brief examination of recent decades will show that this is so.

Strong Working Class

The truth is working class people should be so strong that stimulus checks aren’t needed.

However, change for working class people won’t happen until working class people change.

Yes. I know. This isn’t fair. The system should change, but this is now things come about: the people change and then the system changes.

Working class people have to figure out what to change so that it isn’t  targets for psychological warfare and a Congress that is clearly in the pockets of capitalists..

Think About This.

.Forensic psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee in a Scientific American article said something that supports my post on Mass Hypnois. She said, “When the mind is hijacked for the benefit of the abuser, —-.

I suspect that many our minds have been hijacked by politicians concerning stimulus checks, hijacked elections, the Chinese did it, and other concerns.

Brandy X. Lee says that the way to reclaim our minds is to pursue great mental health and to avoid anything or anyone who destroys that health.

So. Something else we have to understand and do: we have to know what great mental health is and then achieve it.

I’m willing to do this. Are you?

Be relaxed. Have fun. Learn lots.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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Journal Entry 3: Articles of Impeachment

Journal Entry 3: Articles of Impeachment

Jan. 25, 2021                            USA                                             74

Hi Everyone,

The purpose of a personal journal is to provide a safe place to record one’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, actions, ideas, and activities.

A journal is a written record of one person’s life written by that person.

It is a historical document, and it is sacred.

So why do we need a safe place?

We have all witnessed the harm done to individuals because of something they said or did in their past. We have, also, witnessed the harm done to individuals because of something an ancestor did long, long ago.

Some folks have forgotten that the nature of a human is to change, to evolve.

By journaling daily what is going on in our life, we document our changes and evolutions.

I would journal

If I were to share my journal entry for today, I would write:

“Today, the House took Articles of Impeachment for Donald Trump, past president of the United States, to the Senate.

I felt sad.

Several times in my life I have taken the Oath of Office that says, “I will defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the President and his family were watching the rioters on Jan. 6, 2021. They thought it was a show, a way of proving how people would follow the President.

That a family who has profited, not only profited but grown wealth, would destroy the system that gave them the opportunities to do so is beyond belief.”

And I would continue writing until I could journal no more.

What I wrote doesn’t seem that dangerous, but if I were to post this on social media someday there might be someone who would dig wide and deep to find what was written and use these words to harm myself, my family, and friends

This is what we are cautioning our children about.

Posting on social media can be the wrong thing to do so I will continue journaling.

I hope you will begin and maintain your own journal.

After all, words matter. Your words matter. My words matter.

And so it is.

I know it’s hard but do it anyway:

Be relaxed. Have fun. Learn lots.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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