Belgin, Turkey, April 2022

“She is the best.” 💖

Lee-Ann, Taiwan, April 2022
“It’s really good to talk to Barb. She is so knowledgeable, warm and inspiring. She is a very positive teacher, guiding me to a promising direction.”

Miao Zhen, Mainland China, April 202

“I’ve finally found the most suitable tutor for me. I can’t wait to learn pronunciation and speech patterns with Barb.”❤️

Lola, Japan, April 2022
“Teacher Barb is a really good listener, and she has a deep sense of humor. I laugh a lot when I take classes with her.”
Basma Almasoud, Saudi Arabia  April 2022
Very good teacher.”

Jenny, South Korea, March 2022

“She gave me a lot of time to speak English and corrected immediately. I got a lot of helps from her.”
Sevgi Arslan, Turkey, March 2022
“She is a really patient, understanding, experienced and motivating teacher.”
Mayara, Brazil, March 2022
As aulas com a Teacher Barb são excelentes. Temos ótimos assuntos. A Teacher Barb sempre explica o contexto das expressões, palavras, etc. A professora tem pronuncia clara e ótima de entender. São óti…

Amani, Saudi Arabia, March 2022

“I like her personalities; she is my fav tutor and I recommend her for all of you 👍🏼 you’ll be good speaker with English. Thank you so much 💕
Rui Wang, Mainland China, February 2022
“She is awesome!”
Bushra, Saudi Arabia  February 2022
استاذ رائع جدا.

Hyunjong, Canada   February 2022

“Very nice teacher!”

Julia, Brazil   February 2022
Ótima professora! A conversa com ela foi tranquila, passou muito rápido, me senti extremamente confortável e ela tem muito a oferecer, super indico

Eloa, Canada   February 2022

“I like her so much. She’s very kind, patient, and polite. She listens carefully. I learn many things from her. She is a great professional and she loves what she does. I recommend her.”
Nawal, Saudi Arabia  January 2022
معلمة رائعة وصبورة

Mohja, Saudi Arabia  January 2022

“Teacher Barb is a the best teacher on Cambly, I highly recommend her no matter what is your level” 💗

hind.dakhil, Saudi Arabia  January 2022
  “I really appreciate you!”
Leticia Gadelha 1, Brazil  January 2022
“Barb’s is a kind and encouraging teacher. She makes great corrections.”
FarisSal, Saudi Arabia  January 2022
“Teacher Barb is a great teacher, I had interesting conversation with her. She has unique skill.”

Canan Şen, Turkey  January 2022

“sizinle ders yapmak cok zevkliydi,tesekkür ederim.”

Rubens F Carvalho, Brazil  January 2022

“Excellent teacher, very polite, easygoing, talkative, push me a lot to speak with confidence.”

Jasmine, Japan  January 2022

“Teacher Barb is a very kind and gentle teacher. She is easy to talk with and I could enjoy conversation with her. Today we talked a lot about how to spend Christmas and New Year. Whenever I had a word I di…

Rui Wang, Mainland China, December 2021
“I really like her. I think she has a unique skill for teaching. You will never get bored with her. Highly recommend!”
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