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Dear Journal,

As you know, I teach creative writing. 

I start each lesson by having the student do the PAT of Writing.

PAT of Writing

P stands for Purpose.  What is the purpose of writing? The purpose of all writing is either to inform or to entertain.   

A stands for Audience.  Who is the writing for? The audience is the writer, the writer’s friends and family, teachers, bosses, and strangers. The audience can also be a group targeted to receive the written message of the writer. For example, a group the writer wants to persuade to take a certain action.

T stands for Tone.  What is the tone of the writing?  Is it friendly or is it formal?

Other Uses

I have found that doing the PAT of every project I’m considering is helpful. For example,

  • The PAT of Dishwashing
  • The PAT of Job Hunting
  • The PAT of Buying a House

Knowing the PAT keeps me on track and focused. 

Do the PAT of your next project. Email me about how it helped.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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