PAT of Speaking English

September 22, 2021

Hello Everyone,

As you know there is the PAT of Writing–Purpose, Audience, Tone.

There is also the PAT of Speaking.  For learners of English, it is the PAT of Speaking English.

“P” stands for Purpose.  Why are you learning English? What is the cause of you deciding to do this? What result do you want?

Some people learn English because it is a job or career requirement. Some people learn English so that they can help their children who are English learners. Some people want to travel to English speaking countries and be able to communicate with the English speakers who live in these countries.

The result these learners of English want is to better communicate with those who speak English.

“A” stands for Audience. Who is going to hear your spoken English? Your boss? Clients? Co-workers? Family? Friends?

Know your “who”. Knowing your “who” will help you continue your studies when you want to quit.

“T” stands for Tone. What is your tone when speaking English? Will it be very formal or friendly, easy-going?

Depending on the situation, your tone will be one or the other. Sometimes, it might be a mixture of formal and friendly. As you study the English language, be aware of the words and sentence patterns that are formal and those that aren’t.

Sending love, light, peace and wellness

Teacher Barbara

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Author: barbaraslucas

I teach the English language online, globally to both native speakers of English and second language learners. I specialize in helping those taking the IELTS Speaking test (international English language testing system) prepare and practice for that high-stake test. I mainly work with adults who are medium to advanced English speakers. My formal education and training comes from West Liberty State University, West Virginia University, the University of Sedona, the University of Kennesaw and IELTS Teacher Training. I was a classroom teacher for over twenty years. I have taught online and globally for over five years. My students are from all over the globe including China, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Columbia, Italy, Brazil and the United States.

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