What to Say to the Powerful Ones

Hi Everyone,

One of my students from Saudi Arabia had a problem most of us face at some point in our working life.

She is the newbie, just graduated from university, and working at her first job.

Her boss is sending her to introduce herself to all the department heads. Notice he, the boss, isn’t taking her, isn’t introducing her, but is demanding she go by herself, walk into a higher ups office without an appointment, and present herself.

“What words,” she asked. “What words do I use?”

My reply, “Say “Hello.  My name is _____. I work in _______. I haven’t met you so I came to do that and ask if there is anything I can do for you or your department.”

Practice this until it sounds natural and easily comes out of your mouth.

I added, “Make sure the door stays open. If there are other women around, try to make sure they know why you are in their area and always, always give or make an offer to give.

Do your best to get the other person to talk about their self. This will take pressure away from you and endear you to the other person. Most people love to talk about their self.”

Happy English Speaking,

Teacher Barb

Author: Dr. Barb

I am an effective, in-demand, online, global life coach who helps women add peace to their living.

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