So, Since, Because

Oct. 31, 2022


A student living in Italy wanted to know, “When do you use ‘so, because and since’?”

“Because” is the most common and the easiest to use of these three. “Because” means ‘on account of’ or ‘for the reason that’.  “Because” often indicates facts.

For example, I was late because traffic was heavy.

“Since” usage is a tiny bit more difficult. “Since” either talks about time or it gives a reason for something. “Since” can also mean from a particular time in the past until now.

For example, Since traffic was heavy, I was late. I have been here since noon.

“So” is used to say ‘therefore, thus, consequently’. Use ‘so’ when ‘in order that’ explains why something happens

For example, It was raining so I put on a raincoat. Please give me an answer so that I know that you are coming home.

Go forth and speak English,

Teacher Barb

Author: Dr. Barb

I am an effective, in-demand, online, global life coach who helps women add peace to their living.

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